Thursday, October 14, 2010

☻ Happii 14 OCT

Having Mii 14 OCT at Pavillion & Ampang Park for 九王爷 ♥

Crowd and Smoky ×

None of one is Mii ... I Do not take part of IT ... I aghast by the INCENSE ... I scared I'll get myself Burn ... I don't even Ignited a joss Stick ... (I just a PhotoGrapher ... WahaaHaa)
Wish Mii Friends Make a Good Wish and Dream come True Larr ... Haahaa

Fasten The Bracelet (I don't exActly Know What it's name) To the Driver's Wrist ... By Stella

Our Four ... The Driver , Like Bai Ma Huang Zi ... Whole white ... Haahaa
(The Most Hairy Hand Is Miine♥)

At Last , I Went Out ... Really Exhausted
Mii Face get swollen when see through the mirror after home
EyeLids Loped ... Til The Next Day

By And Large , I enjoyed ... Thanks
Stella Chong
Ah Peng ?
Ah Hou ?
(I can't remember the name ... Sorry Guys)

The Child's Eye ...
One Expression

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