Tuesday, December 14, 2010


As You all can see , My skin is not well ... Is extremely unwell !
And My dad get me to a specialist !
And RM 200 is GONE !
Aiyo ! Really Expensive lurr ! But every gal want to have a perfect skin , RIGHT ?
So do I !

I have to go BAck and consult again just after 2 week ! Wah ! Doctor so easy to get $ right ?
I think 2 hundred again will be lost !
F ! Mii laptop is running out of battery ! As you all see , the pic i'm taken is on the couch , so as i play the laptop above mii thigh and on the couch ! And the most SULK thing happen ! I have to wake up and sit on the chair and continue ! Yarhxxxzzzz
Yea ! Back to the topic !
Is all about SKIN !
I get A SOAP tat i bought from doctor ! i'm cant make sure tat it work for me , but may be It is work on someone ! So , I will show !

A Question I think all the time ! after having the acne problem !
If doesn't have a perfect skin but having the perfect either good or well five senses , is that mean you're beautiful too ?
Is tat alluring if there without the acne ?
How about with the acne ? Is tat suck ?
if there are annoying then sorry ! Just go upper right hand side and click !
SHare some TIPS that from the specialist :
- AVOID spice
- AVOID fried
- AVOID oily stuff
That all I can remember ! HeeHee
Yea ! Biscuit is doesn't matter ! This is a part of the specialist said !

As i knew , all of you wan baby skin right ?
Once again ! So do I !
But how about the one who doesn't have a perfect skin ?
Does she /he have to commit suicide ?
NO ! No ! NO !
Please , even though you have a really really bad skin like me or worse than me or better than me ...
Please be confident always !
Confident made people BEAUTY !
I never lie ! [ Haahaa ! This is a lie ! ]
But confident is extremely important !
AND A more more more important TIPS for you gals who have skin problem
Don't ever try to put make up on ! AVOID it ! Even for BB Cream !
If you cant , put a light make up !

THE END ! Hope you all like it !

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