Saturday, February 5, 2011


Imma UNI !!
And i bet all of you just still in CNY mood right ? So do I !! HEEHEE
BuNNy year ?! RaBBit year ?! HaRe year ?!
Haaahaaa !! Whatever it is ! It's a year for 2 zi !!
Did you just gain your weight ? Erm ... I'm not going to tell if i do or not because once i tell , not one will continue read my BLOG !! Is that true ? Haaahaaa
As many will just set himself or herself free to FOOD , JUNK FOOD , CARBONATE DRINK and so on larr , what i wanna say is take care yourself not to take on too much !! It's just will cause deterioration !! 

First and foremost , [ what a official !! ]
i wanna say that , i freaking ❤ mii outfit of the day !! Although it's a bit boyish , but who care !! Haaahaaa
Pink shirt : MARKS & SPENCER
White & blue top : ZARA
Jeans trouser : ZARA
Brown shoe : EVERLAST
Black bag : ESPIRIT
And two HOT DOUBLE CHOCOLATE from Coffee Bean !! [ I'm not drinking 2 , 1 for the cameraman !! ]

The whether at GENTING on * Nian Chu 1 * just freaking cold !! As i have a sensitive or allergic lips ! My lips just crumpled and cracked !! It's made mii a ugly bitch !! HATE
And my skin either !!
Haaahaaa !! Share something with you all !! See the one behind mii , he's mii brother !!
Did you realize how much different our skin tone is ?! Haaahaaa
He's skin just dark as mii favourite food - CHOCOLATE
[ he going to kill mii !! haaahaaa ]

* Nian Chu 2 *

With flash and without flash !! Just cant make mii mind which is better so just upload two !!
Actually i was playing around at the exhibition hall !! Just buying nothing but pick up a lot of stuff and play it or camwhore !! haaaahaaa
Imma NERD for the promoter !!

White & Red Top : ESPIRIT
Jeans Pants : MANGO

See !! Haaahaaa !! How nerd i am !!
 Finally i got myself a pinky ribbon hair ornament !!
I think it's too Q for me !! As i'm a man gal !!

So , the end of the day !!
Hope you all just enjoy your holiday !!
As i do !
Even though there was some unhappy event happened , just try to wipe it away and ENJOY !!


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jfook said...

Nice outfit you had there =D