Sunday, February 6, 2011

The day of LIZA MALL ?! THE CURVE ?!

Puffy FACE !! Not yet ready for going out but ready for camwhore !! What a ... Haahaaa
I just need to dye mii eyebrows again !! I ❤ LIGHT MATT BLONDE !! I just dislike the black color eyebrows !!
I have to recommended it to YOU !! HAHA
IT's really tasty ... I swear , i not lying !!
❤ it badly [ the CURVE ]
Actually we're heading toward the LIZA MALL , but we just couldn't made it and just let it be THE CURVE !! HAAHAA
And what a great reward !! I found this SHOP !! [ Actually i saw either article or Vlog about the shop in the famous blogger BLOGGIE [ CHUCKEI ]  !! And i decided to give a TRY !! WHAT A M.... It's supreme delicious !! ]
Pineapple ... chocolate ice cream !! I have forgotten it's name !! 4give mii !! But what i must tell is , it's super tasty !! Give many many many TRY !!
What a STIFF smile !! And puffy eyes !! MOODY ?! maybe !!
This is what i have the day !! WOW ...
Mii Mummy !! Do we look alike ?! I think she just not ready yet !! See her posture , i think she just have no idea whether her expression will be camwhore or only   the FOOD !! Heeeheee
Mii elder sis !! Do we look alike ?! I hope no !! Haaahaaa
The fact is , the four of us just look nothing alike !!
Mii Chocolate DIDI !! Haahaaa
SHY ?!
See !! I just started playing around with merchandise !! Nerd !! Haaahaaa
Because daddy had other plan[s] , so mii and mii sis decided to went to times square , for a movie or ...
And we'd dine in VIVO  ...

After dinner , once again !! Heeeheee
It made mii day !! The end !!

It's about 2.30 a.m. !! I just haven't go for slumber !!
Imma annoying !! somehow moody !!
I used to B like this !! I just hate that feeling so much !!!!!!
Hate !!!

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