Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SERIOUSLY ... I want to tell YOU something !!

i HATE being lied !!
i HATE being fool !!

Tell you what !! Actually you already DID enrage mii !! YOU did think that is only a joke , but it's actually already annoyed mii a few day ago as i told you !! I f*cking HATE that !!

Try to imagine that if you had seriously consider about the joke that you take it as a serious question , and suddenly YOu had found out that , that only a playful gal who just make fun of it !! How you would feel ? IS that just let it leave off ?! SORRY , that i have to tell you , I CANT !!

StOP lying !! I f*cking HATE being lied !! As recently i had made mii decision , no matter what going on , i will continue mii JOB and try NOT to QUIT it !! And i will just wipe it away !! I decided to let it GO without any ... and whatever you all say i will just consider that only a JOKE !! As you all are playful !! Even though it's true , i going to make NO response on it !! And do not even remind a little about IT !! And no matter whether i have fall in LOVE with him or NOT !!

I have to make mii LAST declaration here that I Hate being lied !! If there are anymore lying , I will just go away without warn , inform or any SIGN !! SERIOUSLY !! I just know , it's might be cost NOTHING !! And i ADMIT all that happened on mii !!

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