Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Calling Romeo ... ❤ / Loyalty

Howdy-Doody ... ❤
A new vocab from the book ... It means halo or hey or hi ...
A book I have bought long time ago ... And refused to read it ... Or maybe I should say ... Refused to concentrate on it ... Because before this , I used to read all about fiction ... Science-fiction ... For the very first time , I try on love story ... And I get a lots of things ... ❤

Calling Romeo ... ❤
By Alexandra Potter ...
There is a quote on top of the book's cover ... To love , or not to love ? That is the question ... It just mimicking from to be or not to be , that's the question ! Haha ...
Going to get you all a summary ... For the book ! And I bought from MPH ... RM 35.90 ! It's cheap ?! Costly ?! Haha ! Depends on you ... But I can swear that it worth more than the price ... How come I dare to say so ?! Wanna know ?!

For the gals , or either guys ...
This is a book that inspiring ... It make me stay loyal to my stupid dear ... Although I mention him as stupid dear but I just let it be a bit cosy ... ^.^
And there Is a twist that someone just committed adultery inside the book ... But she just know herself doesn't love her lover at all ... Who she really love is her long-term flatmate ... A brave women to deal with ... And ... I likely to make my confession ... But no ! I can't ... Someone will told him and I will be kill ! Anyway I love him ! Beside this , staying loyal ... As a student , I have learnt a lots of new vocabulary from the book ... Example like ... Swerve ... Rev ... Guffaw ... Swelter ... Someone may know it all but not me ... Everyone should learn ... ❤

Ready for summary ?!
Go !
What is the worst thing that could happen to you on Valentine's day ?
Getting stood up by your long-term boyfriend ?!
Having to spend the evening alone ?!
Being drenched by an idiot driving a sportscar ?!
When all three happens to Juliet on the same night , she reckons her love life can't get any worse . But it's actually about to get a whole lot more complicated ...
Because the driver of the sportscar is revealed to be her arch business rival . She knows she should stay away . Except it's not that easy . Handsome , sexy , and utterly glamorous , Sykes is determined to sweep her off her feet and away form her boyfriend Will .
But is it worth risking everything for ?! Are they really destined to be star-crossed lovers ?! Or is Romeo actually a little closer to home ?! ❤

So after the summary , I hoped you all are reading ...
I wanna say , if I were Juliet ... Getting stood up on Valentine's day , having to spend the evening alone and being drenched by a car ... I think I will commit suicide ... Haha ... Not that easy lar ... I will having another row with my boyfriend and just ignore him for one month ... Torture him ! Haha ... I hate Sykes ... After all the romantic stuff and found out that he just a thirtysomething guy that ... Find out yourself is more excited ! You going to hate him too !

Ok ! Something is up !
A question ... Surreal !
If after your marriage proposal , and just after that you find out that your girlfriend just having sex or shag with someone else ... As adultery ! And she did explain to you ... That's over ! How would you react ?! Break up ?! Give up ?! Or pretend that nothing happen and carry on ?! For guys , contemplate about it ... For girls , taking the boy side to think and answer ... Thanks ! I will be glad that anyone would answer ... In comment ! For me , if I'm a guy , I definitely will react like Will ... At the end , happy endings ! But you have to go through the book yourself to find out what Will reacted ! ^.^
If I'm the girl who committed adultery , what you can do is only ... Non-stop apologize ... Isn't it ?!

Haha ... Daft !
I'm being swallowed up by happiness ... Haha ...
How I hope you will be by my side just after I finished the book ... So I can cajole you ... Haha ... Kidding ! So I can say what floating in my heart right the moment what ... Unfortunately !

Sharing two pic from the previous day !
Yea ! I wanna thanks the reader and for whom kindly drop their comments ! I'm glad ! And thanks !

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