Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sharing Skin Care Product ... ♥ / Hada Labo

Howdy ... <3
YeaHoo ... Updating my blog again :)
Ai Yo ~ Menstruation :( Excruciatingly PAIN ... No idea why ! I have eaten a tablet [ the strongest one ] and it relieves my pain sl...ow...ly .... >,<
I scare that my immune system or digestive system will be sabotaged ... Because of the tablet :(

Ok ... This article is about a video !
TeeHee :)

Chak Chak ... <3

It's about skin care product ... From Hada Labo !
It's not an advs ... I didn't get paid ! How i hope i get ... HaHa :)

Hada Labo really improving my skin almost everyday ... :)
How amazing it is ! Likes SK II ... HaHa ^.^
That's why I shared ! Hope the gals who suffering skin problem can get reassure or resolution to try this products ... I went through it ! It's miserable when you try a new product and put the hope so high for it to cure your skin problem but it turn out to be worst ... Or it only worked for like three days ... =.= ! How Fuck the feeling are !

Beside this product ,
EXERCISING and HEALTHY DIET are also help you to get a good skin ... or improving your skin condition ! You know what .... I started exercising because i want a S shape so badly =.= ! It's true lar man ... ^.^ And i found out on the next day after you exercise , your skin will become brighter ... Really geh ! Not lying , Swear to Gawd ! And before holidays [ Hari Raya geh ] , I'm like so lazy to exercise and i got sore throat , inflammation eyes ... :( And now i'm going to exercise everyday , no matter what ... :) For a good skin and also S shape ... :)

I wanna share some pictures which i take for the video ... It at the article below ... :)

Yea ... Yea ... I will try to make a vlog next time ! I know this is a fake one ! HeHe :)

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Nava Krishnan said...

very good sharing and I learned so much from reading your posting.