Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I dislike Final Destination 5 ... ♥ / Moo Cow

Final Destination 5 ... 

Ok ... Today is my little BELLA [ Is actually my dear , haha ... Another nickname for him to avoid my mummy attention ] OFF day ... Ai Yo ~ About two weeks didn't take his off to accompany me to movie or blah blah blah ... HeHe :)

I used to love Final Destination series ... 1 to 4 ! And after i watched it [5], my very first words or sentences for it is "FUCK ! Stupid movie !" I have no idea why i hate it but ...
It actually the same thing with the previous series , it still horror for all of us ! But the concept ... Ark >.< ! Maybe i went mature so much , and i think the concept is so ... Dumbass ! And i cried when i watch it ... My dear must think that i afraid of horror scene ... But i'm not ! :(

Before movie , see how brilliant my smile is ... HaHa :) I'm kidding lar ... Don't drop comment and shot me !

The smurf with my little BELLA ... :)

Chak Chak ~  Remember my previous post that i recommended this Moo Cow ice cream ... I have it today by my little BELLA's treat ! :) But hor ... He said it doesn't taste good ! Oh my Gawd , i think his tongue having problem lar ... I love it so much ! But i think there is only two favor , yogurt and the rose ... one ! By the way , a lots of toppings with RM1 for each ! *thumbs up*

It got really low calories ! Only 3.3 ... If i didn't get it wrong ! The taste is just simply AWESOME ! *nod* Agree to max ! Find you at FaceBook later yea , just after i done my blogging ... :)

Chak Chak ~
Love this so much ... Will post it to instagram ! TeeHee ... :)

By the way , if you like horror movie , it still recommended ! Really ... I just don't like it personally ! Maybe because the separation of couples ! 

This is the main role , i mean the handsome boy and beautiful girl which is a good actor !

This is the scene the beautiful girl above acted ! *thumb up* for the skills ! 

... Watch it yourself and you will find out what happened to him yea ... :) 

Ok ... I think here will be the end of the post lar ! :) What else ler ?'
Yea lar ... I add a column for some advs that i think you all will interesting ! There is from SK II and BlackBerry Bold 9900 ! Click it for more details yea ... :)

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