Friday, September 23, 2011

My diet's plan ... ❤ / Lost 3kg(s) in one week

Is time to update my blog again ...
I've promised to blog about my diet's way ... Which i lost 3 kg(S) in one week ! Super mah ?' HeHe :) Wanna find out how ler ... :)

By the way , it's a super unhealthy way ! For me , diet = starving ! Although is hard and unhealthy , i still managed to lost weight ... And another thing is , my waist and hips getting smaller but my breast or bust is getting bigger ... :) [ i measure the inches with measuring tape ] But , i've found out that not only me the only one who using this way , this actually called the ' supermodel's diet way ' ... And i will post the link and the articles as attachment to prove i'm not lying ! :)

TaDa ... Here is the link ! Is a programme from Taiwan ! It called 姐妹爱漂亮 ! Is hosted by 袁艾菲 and 小蛮 ! [!/pages/%E8%A2%81%E8%89%BE%E8%8F%B2/145361992189548 - 袁艾菲 facebook pages link ]

My diet's way :
I having the only meal in the morning , which is breakfast for all of you ! And eat nothing after that ! But you still can having some carbohydrate food [ in your breakfast ] ! If you really wanna lost more kg(s) , you're advised to go with exercising ... But i'm not ! Because if you go without the carbohydrate , will lead you to constipation ! You don't want that right ?' With a tummy full of shite ! HaHa :) And , a MOST IMPORTANT is drinks more and more H2O , water ! So , your skin won't looks pale and will not easy to get sick even though you're on diet ! Clear ?' :)

Here is some healthy way that contribute by the guider inside the video ... On the very first week [ when you decided to be on diet ] , just having some eggs , vegetables and fruits . According to the video , eggs help to improve your skin texture . Vegetables and fruits are help you prevent constipation . No carbohydrate at all in the very first week , it help you to detoxify . On the second week , reduce what you ate before on diet plan to half of it ... It will help you to gain the vitamin you need ! On the third week and so on , eat whatever you want before 12 afternoon , and have vegetables , taufu and soup and something like mushroom for your dinner . [ Even though you're advised to have such food , but do remember , never ever try to take in so much , it will be the same thing like without diet plan ... Take in a certain quantity of food ! ]

Can you all do me a favor ?'!/photo.php?fbid=266770000010968&set=a.256768307677804.63896.244336165587685&type=1&theater
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At last , drink more and more water while you're on your diet plan ! Drop me some comments ... Thanks ! Might update my Youtube as well ! My user name on Youtube : FrankieUniRose


Kelvin said...

Congrats on slimming and growing~ I am eating one meal a day too, but i think i am getting fatter with the wrong amount of food XD

Anonymous said...

Hello.. i did the the same! Lost 3 kg in a week. I took breakfast only and after that, drink. I know it is not healthy but it work. I didn't workout/exercise too. Hehee...