Friday, September 30, 2011

S^msung Galaxy SII ... ♥ / Expression

Howdy ... :)
Is time to update ... Ark >.< ! I've been stacked with test ! Chemistry , LAN , Biology , Physics ! I will be dead very soon ! But still wanna update my blog , because here is where I giving the longest ever speeches and words compare to i talk in person ! WaHaHaHa ... :D

A lots of stuff happened ! I fought with my classmates ! Because of ... Ark >.< ! I have forgotten what the hell is the reason ! This is my style but I still mad even though i forgot the reason ! And my dear is the common victim ... :)

I wanna get some freelance job so i can have money to buy whatever i wanted and needed without ask from someone else . I hate when I asked , the stupid bleeder thought i'm wasting money ... And the bleeder didn't use a cent ! How fuck it is !

And i hate the bleeder who stupid enough that doesn't know how to observe even see things by the eyes and analysis ... :S Sorry for that complaining and else ! Just wanna talk ! You can leave your comment and shot me back if you thought i'm immature or what ! I bet no one will really reads my passages !


Back to the point !
Are you a S^msung Galaxy SII users ?' If yes ,
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Express your love to S^msung Galaxy SII ...
Like ...
Chak Chak ... :)
The top video of expressing love to S^msung Galaxy SII ...
Quite creative ! But i think it can be better lar ! Try your best to be creative than him . So that , you can win ...
Nothing ?'

If you really love something ... You won't kira/care whether you get something from sharing the thing you love so much ! Like i love Hada Labo and i shared it for free ... On YouTube , FaceBook , and etc .
Chak Chak ... :)
I get 2hundred something views in YouTube ! I know , it's little compare to NigaHiga or KevJumba and etc . But i'm still glad ! Thanks for the one who watching my videos ! As i'm not a famous blogger ! But i wished i am ... Ark >.< ! Maybe i'm not beautiful enough ! Ark >.< !

So , Try to share your love to S^msung Galaxy SII ... Maybe you will get something unexpected ! :D
I'm using iPhone 4 ... I can't take part ! Because i have no idea about the function of the phone and how attractive it is ... So , no inspiration ! :D The S^msung Galaxy SII users should have inspired right ?' HeHe :)

Chak Chak ... :)
I actually love its sizze ... I love big size stuff !
Ocne again ...
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This website have a lots of videos have being uploaded ... That one who interested of taking part , you might get inspiration from watching some of it ! But , Not copy CAT please !

LAst , kindly leave your comments ! Thanks ....

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