Friday, October 7, 2011

I get robbed ... oOo / Prevention

Howdy ...
Ai Yo ... I get robbed ! My iPhone and MiKi lost liao ... :( Fuck ... Don't let me see your face again ! I will beat you up !

This post going to be an advise ?' For who have to take cab !

Before you're aboard ...
- Make sure the car's door is functioning ... [ Really well ! Check it for your safety ]
- Record the plat number ... Everytime even though you think you trust the driver ! [ For backing up ! ]
- Check the driver ... [ It's better the driver is Malaysian ! Avoid foreign worker ! ]

While Aboard ...
- Check whether there is a driver's details in front the seat ! [ If not , you better step away ! ]

After Abroad ...
- Stick to the door [ Open the door if you found something strange ]
- Don't let driver stop by and let someone who is known as his friend in ... [ You better get out ! ]
- Once you can't reacted while some others is abroad ... Just corporate with them ! You have no choice ! Give whatever you have and don't struggle much ! There is a weapons !

Precaution :
Put something that really attack-able inside your bag to defend every situation ! Like a knife ?' Spray ?' I hope i can get a pistol ! Who knows how can i register for one ?' And how much it cost ?' Send me the details at : ! Thanks you ... :P
And try to get someone make accompany to you ! 

For my incident ...
Area : Wangsa Maju [ LRT ]
Car's plat no . : H.. 4177 [ Not really sure but please be aware ! ]
Car's type : Proton Saga ... [ With color red and white geh ] [ The car seem a bit drought ! Get a cab which is new ! ]
Procedure :
First , he will line up at the cab's queue ! And wait for his victim ! After the victim aboard , he will try to be friendly and talk with you ! [Normal] En route , he said he need to fetch a friend home which is waiting beside the road ! And he stop the car after 1 second he said ! [ Please get out immediately if that happened to you ... ] ! And the guy who aboard latter will indicate the wrong way route ! Try to ask him to stop and if he don't ... Jump off the car ! He didn't stop while i asked =.= ! After a while , the guy will jump to the back from the front passenger seat ! And he didn't attack but shout and ask you to be quiet ! And his weapon is a scissor ! WTF ! The story is too terrible to tell ... Just becareful next time you take a cab ! This is the point i wrote this post !

I hope you will get aware of your safety from now on and hope this post is helpful !


我在Wangsa Maju一带被打劫了!的士司机会先让你上车!然后在半途中说他要载个朋友回家!非常的突然![请你们马上下车!如果发生这种事情!]还会故意兜圈子说司机是新手,所以需要由他带路!过后,他就会往下弯!拿剪刀![拜托你们!看到有人上车或者他往下弯去拿东西!一定要立刻开门下车!不要害怕受伤!因为它可能会做出更多你想不到的事!]如果真的没有办法!你就合作吧!钱还可以再找的!不要为了身外物被打死!

- 确保的士的门毫无损坏!
- 把车牌记起来![在上车前!]
- 检查是否有司机的资料!在前座的! 
- 粘着门!有什么不对劲就立刻下车!
- 要学会保护自己!带一些利的东西防卫!刀子?类似的东西!


Son of the bitch ... Report police as fast as you can !


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OMG! never thought such thing like this..
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OMG. Take Care.

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