Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Little girl's accident ... oOo / Conscience

Howdy ... :)
So happy to update my blog again ! But fucking angry about what am going to post below ! >.<

Click PLAY ... Everyone should watch it and boo the pedestrian ! Even though it is Cantonese ?' Not sure what language he is using ! The point is '' WATCH IT '' ! I'm fucking angry after watch that ! AAAAAAAhhhhhh ...... >.< [ Sorry , for the unedited picture ]

 WTF ! Why are you not helping ?' The really main point is the van driver [ 1st one ] , YOU , son of bitch , do it intentionally right ?" How come you are accelerating after you saw the child ?' [ the son of the bitch is driving really slow at first ] Are you blind ?' I don't think so ! So there is only one reason ... YOU DO IT INTENTIONALLY ! Fuck ... oOo Furthermore , after sense that he have bump into someone , he , motherfucker didn't stop by and get his ass out of the car and check the child's condition ! He still roll onto her ! WTF ... ARk >.< ! WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR CONSCIENCE ?' oOo

The really really MAIN point is why the hell and how on earth the pedestrians didn't give a hand to her ?' HUH ?' Even a mummy who holding her child ... Imagine if who lying on the floor is your motherfucking daughter ! Don't you hope someone will help you out ?' HUH ?' Why are you not helping ?' You thought it's a planking ?' So fucked ! Even though you think it is A Planking , you should go to it and check it out ! WTF ... Aaahhh oOo ! And there is one pedestrian who witness everything but still didn't help ! IF One of you is helped out , she won't get rolled by the second van which put her into more severe problem ! Ark oOo ... [ Can't help it , DOn't you feel the same way ?' ] I really hope i was there !

What the HELL ! i just read the part of the news ... And i found out that both of the driver have already report themselves ... But ! They said they will paid and want the cases to settled so they won't get into any problem ! WTF ... The driver still feeling not guilty at all and told the media that is the child's fault because the child didn't 'walk properly' ... WTF ! When you were child , you FLY ?' oOo I will slap your face off if i'm your relative or what and feel fucking embarrassing to have any relationship with you ... OMFG !

See ! A CHILD ! She deserve her childhood ! She should be happy , playing around ! And because of you , son(s) of the bitches , She have nothing and she won't be happy as she deserve to ! aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ! NAH oOo

See ... Why the dog won't let it's friend [ i think think they knew each other before ... before of different type of fur ! :P ] alone after get injured or died ! Why the hell human can't be like them ! I mean the conscience-ness ! Ark >.< ! You should feel really fucking embarrassing of not give your hand out !

Just got the news from FB ! She is died ! T.T Rest in peace !


Really hope no more this kind of thing happen again ! Conscience ...