Monday, October 3, 2011

Stella Chong's birthday ... ♥ / Happi 18

Howdy ... Howdy ...
One of my secondary school's bestie , Stella Chong invited me to her birthday party since a week before her birthday ... And today is her official birthday ! Say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Stella Chong ... :)

Actually after i got the invitation , i wondering will i meet someone handsome or my Mr. Right ?' And after the party , i just realized almost all is who i have seen before which is from the same secondary highschool ... So fun ! It seem like a gathering rather than a birthday celebration ... :) By the way , i really enjoy myself ! But i still met a leng zai , but someone told me the leng zai not good hor ... HoHo :D Leng zai boh yong geh ! [ I bet no body know what i'm talking about ] :D

Happy Birthday to Stella Chong ... Have a really great one huh ?' Happy 18 !

We've shared some private and secrecy stuff ! Wanna know ?' Ok ! I won't telll ... :P By the way , thanks you for still sharing it with me ! :)

After preparing ... 
I'm waited for the car to fetch me up to Genting Highland to arrive ! Initially , Stella told me she will fetch me up and send me back early because i will have to attend class on Monday , today ! And I received a call , i bet which is from her bf [ don't worry ! I won't call for seducing or nonsense ] ! And told me that some other guy will fetch me up and i like oh my gawd ! Will he be dangerous ?' And i realized the same thing ... Which is one of my previous classmate ! WTF ! He is blaring his stereo ... My eardrum going to burst neh ! And after we all gathering , i found out that Stella Chong is bluffing ! She've promised the other girl's friend the same thing too ... =.= ! Whatever ... :)

Chak Chak ... :) Outfit of the day ... Nice ?' Stella Chong is dressed up like a dancing queen but the problem is we didn't celebrate in the club or pub ! HaHa ... Sexy lar MAN ! :P

STella Chong is making her birthday wish ... :) Her bf has decorated something above the bed sheet ! It's really sweet !

Chak Chak ... :) It's not decorated by her bf ! And the reason is because of he have to make accompany to Stella Chong to distract her attention from being  noticed there is a romantic plan or planking ?' HaHa ... :D

Taken by suck photographer --> Uni ! :P Because the room is like huddled ! We can't really walk inside and snap a picture or what ...  ARk >.< ! Trust me , I wanna post more pictures of the day but ... Haizz ... Next time , reserve a VIP room please ... Thanks ! HaHA :)

It's actually a planking ... :P ! Can't go off geh candles ! Oh my Gawd ... If i was Stella Chong , I will knew that earlier and will sat there and do nothing maybe start eating the cake without bother the candles ! HaHaHaHa ... :D  [ It's candles not candy ... SORRi ]

Panda UNI ... I actually planned to attend classes today but i planned to like picked up 2 classes out of 4 ! Because i reached home at 4 something and wake up at 6 o'clock ! WTF ... >.< ! But i still made it all ! I've attend all the classes today ... It's fun too ! But i still miss them ! :) ZOMBIE's day

We have a few of group picture so Stella Chong will definitely upload all she have in her camera ! I'm dead ! The two photos above is totally demonstrating what i'm going to look like in the group pictures ! WTF ... :( Ark >.< ! Have to practice how to smile sweetly infront the camera again jor ! =.= ! No kidding ... :(

Love ... <3
Thanks you for all of you ! It's really meant to me ! As there is some problem occurs between me and him ! Hope to go out with you all again ... Any ?' I hope YES :( HaHaHa :)

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