Monday, October 24, 2011

Suck movie ... ♥ / Paranormal Activity

Howdy ... :D
Wish me luck ! I'm having LAN exam later but now i can't access college's student portal to get the shit lots of notes ! F ... Pass the exam is enough for me , i don't need an A for it ! Thanks and please , MY LORD !

Ok ! So i've decided to update my bloggie ... ♥ Do you guys realized since i have start the blog , I have never reply any comments which i supposed to answer ... Because i have no idea where should i leave my answer =.= ! In the comments box just below the comments ?'  Or should i create a Cbox to let you guys drop comments and ask anything yo guys want ?' Or reply in my next updated post ?' Give me suggestion so i can reply and won't feel guilty for ignoring you guys comments ! :)

I wanna write a review for a movie which i just watched yesterday ! I bet you guys will have the same feelings as me ! Which is ...

One of the  photo downladed from their FB's page !!/paranormalactivity
Click it and try to view the comments which their fans dropped ! 'awesome' stuff !

Actually i have no idea about the conept and the summary of the story even though after i watched it ! I still can't tell you what it is about ! What i can tell is , it is a really SUCK movie , ever ! I have totally no idea what it trying to express ! =.= ! Wasting money production ! It is supposed to be a horror movie right ?' And it turned out to be a STUPID and NONSENSE movie ! I bet some of you so willing to find out what wrong with the movie when i said so right ?' Go ahead ! You will regret ! [ Just realized my cutie bro go bald already ... MuacHaHaHaHa ... :D ]  

No pictures :( ... Will updated soon ... :)


Most Desirable said...

Hi Uni, nowadays film directors will come out with anything to make money. I have even watched a movie of someone just sleeping there for almost 2 hours!! If you can get through Dylan Dog without complaining you must be a wonder girl. I respect you. said...

mana waste, steven speilberg producer wor... wakakkka.. 1st and 2nd version very good feedack de wor... wakakakaa......

Caelyn 箖 ❤ said...

Cbox would be a better choice :)