Friday, October 28, 2011

Updated for FishTail Braids ... ♥ / HairStyle

Howdy ... :)
I really need to update my blog ... It's almost died ! So , here I am ! LOVe
Yea ... For the previous post for FishTail Braids , I can't jump into any post which is irrelevant with that ... :*( So pity ! By the way , i have already done my video ! So , here you go ...

But , i hope you guys like it or really understand what i'm trying to show you ! By the way , give me some feedback , tell me either you can understand or not ... Or you hate me or not :D

So ...
Here is some summary for you gals ... Obviously not guys ! :)
First , bring you hair to one side [ which side you prefer ]
Second , separate them into two main parts
Third , take a small piece of hair from behind from either part and join it with the other part [ see the video for better understanding :( ]
Fourth , do the same thing for the other main part which is take a small piece from behind from the other main part
Fifth , braids down with the same procedure [ the crossing stuff ] and go down as much as you can [ it will give you a better look ]
Last , get an elastic band to secure it and use some barbie pins to secure the hairs which is flying off :D

See ... Advised you gals to have some cutie or bling bling stuff pinned at the end ! Whether to cover the elastic band or what :)

Some advice to you gals :
- Comb your hair before start to do your hair !
- Wash your hair [ it's for better looking ! I hate oily hair :) I bet nobody like ]
[ By the way , i just finished my FULL-meal ! Woo ... Satisfying :) ]
- Hold your braids tight ! [ it will give you more neat braids ]
I think that all ! Take a picture after you've done ! Show to your friends with proud ! :D

Chak Chak ... My fringe-do ♥ for today school :D 

Ok ... Is that all ?' Erm ... @.@ 

Last , Don't flirt with a girl , if you really think you love her , wanna be in relationship with her ... Then go ahead and tell her and stop being so intimate with other girls ! What you have did to her , don't did to other girls ! Make her special ! Dude ... If not , I will cut your penis off ! Huh ?' V <-- is a scissor ! :D Respect women :)

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