Saturday, January 14, 2012

140112 - Mid Valley

Howdy ... :)
Time to update ...
I hang out with my friends at Mid Valley ... And we watched The Beaver ... Btw , the movie is not that good ! Even inside the cinema there are just few person in it ...

As Chinese New Year coming , we have to get ready to it :) Mid Valley actually still having sale ... For Zara and MNG is like having 70 % of discount ... So get it before it end :)

And I did my hair and nails too ... Pedicure and manicure is like 70 riggit ... Both ! But I have forgotten the shop name ... I'm sorry :( For hair , Andy Ho is recommended for you guys ! Yea lar , how can I get sponsor from someone ?' Or anyone can sponsor me for my hair and stuff :D

At last , wish you guys
Chinese New Year ... <3

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