Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lifeblog ... / Hugging Day

Howdy ...
My bloggie ... :) Time to update and sorry for abandon you for like two or three weeks ... >.< !
En route I'm heading home , I heard the an ads about LifeBlog ! But I'm not sure because it is sound like life log ... :/
The point is record every details happened on the day and attach some useful or meaningful attachment and read it after some period ...
The whole thing is for you guys to realized how your life is ! And appreciate a little single thing and record the meaningful thing ... ;)
So I've decided to made my blog to become my LifeBlog ... Record every single thing ... HaHa ;D

Sunday ... 26 FEB 2012
I heard from radio 29 FEB 2012 is a hugging day ... <3 Hug the stuff you love and send it to the station ! It's from 988 lar ! The point is ... Is it really hugging day ?' :) Can I ask for a hug from 'you' ?'
By the way , my bro made my day :)
I love my bro ... Cutest creature in the world :)

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