Friday, March 30, 2012

Camera ... ♥

Howdy ...
I bet most of the students are having exam right ?' So how was yours ?'
Mine is suck ... I screwed up my Maths paper and haven't study for Bio ! What the ... * Getting rid of the F word * By the way , hope all the best for you guys exam :)

Yea lar ... I'm planning to get a camera for myself because i wanna be a good blogger and a famous blogger as well ... * i hope so lar >.< * So i need a camera , because my blackberry camera is suck and the photos quality is suck also . I do have my iPad almost all the time with me but the thing is , it is too big and too inconvenient and too heavy for me :*( So a camera is needed :)

See ... 
This sexy lady ... This is so so so sexy man >.< ! Its two thousand something ~ Anyone wanna get me this ?' My address is xxx , road xxx ... :DDD 
:*( Saving up for this now :*( * my sexy lady * 
This sexy baby model : Nikon 1 J1 

Sexy camera i ever seen :) 
By the way , it is quite expensive for me lar as my father isn't Bill Gates so if there is a second choice which is cheaper but the term is the quality have to be good then i will go for it :/ Poor ~ Poor ~ Poor ~ :*( 

This is my second choice in my list ... 
Not lar ~ Actually also the first choice , because it is also two thousands something ... :*( 
But still into the Nikon 1 J1 ... :) Buy me ~ Someone buy me ... :D 
This baby model : Lumix GF3 

This one ... 
Model : Ricoh CX6 
Is the cheapest in my list which is pink color ... I actually looking for a pink camera ~ I know black color is cool but i want pink so ... :) This one is like one thousand something ... :/ Not that into it design :( 

Do you guys have any camera recommended for me ... ?' 
- Good quality 
- Pink 
I think this two is the only term i consider ... :) 
I wish to be a blogger ... I'm not a professional photography so my camera don't have to be so expert one :) Aww ~ I think self-portrait one also have to be good as well :D 
Any recommend ?' :) 


Drop me comment okay ?' 
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Click it ... Please * beg you * 

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Nick said...

i knw u need a pink camera :P