Friday, March 2, 2012

Is ugly or pretty really matter for you ? ♥

Howdy ... 
Time to update ~ I wanna blog about one thing ~ Which my friend inspire me , and i hope it will be a good post :) 
Before begin my post , one QUESTION ~ 
Is pretty or ugly matter to you ? 

Pretty or ugly ? I know no one want to or wish to be ugly , the point is you born with it and you have no choice for it until you decided to go for a plastic surgery then i have nothing to say :/ 
I know if you born with a pretty face , you will get more attention and maybe someone who is bias and disrespectful will treat you good like hell like give you every thing free , do any favor for you and etc . And the one who born with plain/normal face , will get noo attention and no one is even helping while he/she is in trouble ... :/ WTF ! 

Sharing one experience with you guys which is with my sister ... 
Once , me and my sis was going up with elevator to our hotel room ... And the lift came and we just trying to went in like usual . Suddenly , the lift door is closing while there is still people going in and at that moment i was planting my step into the lift and my sis is behind me and in front of me there is a guy ... While i was going in and the door is closing , he actually hold the door for me so the door wont bang into me ... Im very grateful you are helping me but the point is he let go after me and let me sis being bang ! WTF ! How 'gentleman' are you ? Even you did hold the door for me , but you still a jerk ! Be gentleman or forever alone :) 

Guys , i know pretty girls are so so so attractive and distractive ! Everyone wanna be friend with them , right ? It's normal ! But the point is , please do respect everyone ! No matter sexy , hot , pretty , ugly , plain etc. Do not hurt them with cruel words and do not judge them ... if you really want to judge , take out a mirror and study for 1 minutes and if you still think you are extremely freaking handsome or pretty then go for it , judge them ... Because your eyes having problem ! :P 

By the way , for me ... 
No one is ugly and no one is pretty ! Everyone have a life so you still have to go through all the shit even you are pretty ... No one will be the exception ! :) 

For girls , 
No matter what your face are ... I don't care ! i will still be friend with you , still help you out , still ... 
You are beautiful the way you are ! So don't compare just be confident and be yourself :) 

Last , i just wanna say be respectful ! Respect everyone ... If you don't , then no one will respect you ! 
One more thing for all my pretty girl in the world , if the guy judge you or go for someone who good looking , just ignore him and get over him ! He didn't deserve you and didn't even worth your seconds :) Be strong and stay pretty :) 

So , hope you guys have a great weekend ~ :) ♥ 

                                                                                                                      From Handsome 

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Nath said...

doesn't matter how pretty/handsome/rich a person is, as long the heart is ugly is a no no to me :D