Monday, March 12, 2012


Howdy ...
Time to update ~ My AS trial exam is coming , like two weeks later ... So i spent most of the time revising =.= ! No lar ... I also not sure did i spent most of the time on it ... HaHa :D

This post is going to be about car accident ~
Yesterday ... We have car accident on the way going back ~
There is 4 cars involved ... HaHa :D I know this is not interesting at all ~
My point is ... PUT SEATBELT ON !

I dont like to put on the seatbelt ... i dont know why ... In my mind , i thought only the front seat which beside the driver seat , have the danger that injure the most if car accident happened ! And there is a commercial ads is about the car accident right ? is about the little girl playing with her parents which both is sitting on the front seat and have their seatbelt on but not the little girl ... Suddenly , the car brake so sudden ... And the little girl just fly out the car ~ the little girl was sitting in the back middle seat ~

Even though i watched the ads like thousand times , i still dont feel like putting my seatbelt on because i'm not on the front seat and back middle seat as well ... So i just let it be , not putting seatbelt on because i took the window seat ...

When car accident happened , due to inertia ... My whole body go forward and bang the back of the front seat and because we actually get banged twice so i go forward twice and i accidentally bite my tongue and it's bleed ... =.= ! * now , i felt like i get another tongue piercing =.= *  Today , my whole body is aching ... My tongue swollen , my hand bruised , my neck , my waist and my calfs are aching ... Especially my neck is hurt like hell ~ And my friend said my spinal might get hurt jor , that's why my neck started to swell ... :(

The lesson is ...

Btw ... i got one comment on my previous post ~
*thumb ups* for the guy if it is truth :)

*Can't talk properly now ~ My tongue :( Get well sooooooon ... ♥*

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Nath said...

*hugs* hope you feel better and do remember to wear your seat belts on