Saturday, April 28, 2012

Avengers ... ♥

Anyeong Hasayo ... :D
Sorry for the wrong spelling ... :( But time to update ♥ 
Do you remember Iron Man ?' Captain America ?' The Hulk ?' Thor ?' Spiderman ?' They are all in Avengers !' Don't be surprise !' Spiderman is not in this time :D I still wondering why ?' HaHaHaHa :P
It is up on cinema yesterday ( 27 April 2012 ) ... And cinema appeared to be flooded ... HaHa :P I watched it and I have to went through a super long queue to get movie tickets and also popcorn as well ... :( But we still get it because It is an AWESOME movie that you wouldn't want to miss :)

First of all ...
ROBERT DOWNEY - Tony Stark / Iron Man
The day before we watched the movie , Iron Man actually were shown on TV ! Actually that is the first time I watched Iron Man , don't judge me >.< ! And the guy - Iron Man is so so so HANDSOME ! I bet not everyone know what the name of Spiderman even they watched Spiderman ! So I wanna share :)
A self-described genius , billionaire and playboy ... :D And with a self invention - Iron Man suit

Chris Evans - Steve Rogers / Captain America
A hero with sexy and fit body ... :P
Regretted for didn't watch Captain America :( He is also HANDSOME and quite attractive :DDD

Scarlett Johansson - Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow
She is a beautiful and sexy girl ... :)
She said ... In movie lar ! She used to be a spy so I kinda reminiscing what movie she is from for this Black Widow character but still have no idea ! Someone please drop me comment for it , I wanna know :) Thanks you :)

Jeremy Renner - Clint Barton / Hawkeye
A guy who is with Natasha not like couple but yea ... :D
I also have no idea where he is from ! I mean which movie is the Hawkeye character exist but I think I saw him in Tom Cruise movie ! And he is an agent in there so Hawkeye is from there ?' * shrug * Attractive guy ... :)

Mark Ruffalo - Dr. Bruce Banner / The Hulk
A green huge guy after excited/enraged ... I'm not really remember I watched The Hulk which is on this guy btw he is fine :)

Chris Hemsworth - Thor
The god of Thunder ?' I'm impressed with his superpower as I didn't watch Thor before :D Thor ?' Hmm ... He is really good-looking with short hair :D

Okay ... Already introduced all the heroes to you guys :) Having a great time with my love one(s) - me , chocolate milk(younger bro) and my sis

Btw , one more thing ...
I think everyone know who is Johnny Depp right ?' Jack Sparrow ?' My favorite character all the time ! He is on a new movie now ! As a undead VAMPIRE ! Aww ... Can't wait for it to up and I'm definitely going to WATCH it :) The movie named DARK SHADOW ...

*Thumbs ups* for Avengers :)

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