Friday, April 20, 2012

Become a Samsung Global Blogger ... ♥

Howdy ...
Here to share some quick information about WIN A CHANCE TO LONDON FOR OLYMPICS ... 
You like sharing things through social networks ?' Likes On FaceBook ?' Twitter ?' Or Your own Bloggie ?' Now , there is a chance for you to join an audition for you - everyone to become a Samsung Global Blogger and fly to London to experience the London 2012 Olympic Games and explore London as well . 


No matter who you are , A avid blogger ?' A journalist or just someone who  like to share things via the social networks ?' All of you can join the audition to stand a chance to fly off to London . The Samsung Global Blogger competition is giving you the chance to become a star and report from London during the Olympic Games. How ?'

[ Above can link you to the website ]

STEP 1 :
               Create a 30 seconds video in English
               [ why you would make a great Samsung Global Blogger for a chance to be in London during the biggest sporting event of the year!]

STEP 2 :
               Upload it here [ SAMSUNG GLOBAL BLOGGER
               [ Upload it before 29th April 2012 . 9 days left . ]

Only two steps to join this audition . Isn't super easy ?'

1. Be confident in front the camera
2. Passion
3. Originality
4. Social butterfly - Twitter , FaceBook, Bloggie
5. Ability to tell a story

GOOD LUCK to all of you who join it :)

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