Sunday, April 8, 2012

Updated ... ♥ / College's Party

Howdy ... :)
So sad no one actually send me a camera as a gift ... :*( HaHaHaHa :D #kidding
[ Btw , because of no camera ... i missed out so many chances of sharing things ! Like today i went to a make up show which is interesting ~ but i don't have a camera so i just have to wait whether there is someone upload photos on FB and grab it here :D I hope she will upload it all :( Saving up ~ Saving up ~ ] 
Now , update about a party which held in and from our college ... #TCSH

It going to be a long post , i think :) 
As we just finished our trial exams which is super stressful for us lar , so i persuaded my friend to come with me to the party and she said ' YES ' ... What an amazing moment ~ :D 
 And our dress code is ' cirque du soleil ' ... One of my friend told me it means Cirque Du Soleil is a French circus troupe and our attire should be colorful and wacky ~ :) 

Showing one picture which i googled ~ 

I know ~ I am not exactly follow the dress code right ?' And i need a pair of heels right ?' :( I know :D *ignore the funny and hideous face* :D 
This is the piece i'm wearing ... :) I love it so much <3  
Our tickets ... 
Mine is the upper one and my bestie having the below one ... Is there anyone who been there feel so familiar or what with the number ?' 161 ~ Yea ~ Shit her ! She actually got the lucky draw but she is too slow so lost her gift ... HaHaHaHa :D #kidding The fact is , they thought the ticket owner have already left so they just pass it =.= !
Taking pictures with her - my bestie in the library as we got our tickets :) *my hand going to be transparent jor ... HAPPI*
You know ?' They actually told us the party will be started at 5 pm but they started the party real late and me and my friend just sat there and doing nothing and observe people ~ #nogood 
And performance started with music club if i didn't mistaken :) Music club took the biggest part in that day's performance ~ 
But no pictures for music club but one for dance club performance ... Both did pretty well ... Love it <3 
Other than music , dance and fashion show ... There is a rapper came from Taylor college Subang Jaya ~ I think so lar and also DJ but no idea where they came from ! Quite handsome but proud 'animal' :DDD
The rapper ~ He's actually not a gentleman guy and quite rude - no manner but the rapping part is okay ... 
The last show which is the 'orgasm' part ~ Fashion show !

I think all the pictures of the models are here already ... :/ As i'm not our college's blogger so can't make sure :P 

This kinda party have to be improve ... In the time management thingy ! The performances were fine but there is huge gaps between each performances ! After all , it is just fine :) #ownopinion 
This hair ornament is from DIVA , MidValley ... :) 

Goodnight all ...

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