Monday, April 9, 2012

We Not Naughty ... ♥ / Movies

Howdy ... :)
How is your holidays so far ?' I bet a lots of student been through exams and having breaks now right ?' HeHe :) So far , my holidays is cool ♥ 

So i went to movie with my friends yesterday and we go for ' WE NOT NAUGHTY ' as I've already watched most of it including the ' Street Dance ' which one of my friend's bf wanted to watch ... :D Today's post gonna be ' WE NOT NAUGHTY ' movie by Jack Neo ~ This is not a review post because i am not good in reviewing thing ... :P
The date for showing in Malaysia is not 19 JAN 2012 , is something in April and it is up now ~ And i recommended it :)
This is one of the actor from Hong Kong , if i didn't mistaken :)He is handsome and there is one scene that he is running around the school with naked not even an underwear *blush* :D He have a good and sexy body though :D 
This girl is so so so brave ... *thumbs ups*  She shove her hair in the movie ~ How much courage we all need to do that ?' Brave girl ♥ " Jie , you are still pretty " said by her younger brother [in the movie] after shaved her hair :) 
This is one of the photo from Google ... But lack Joshua Ang #nogood 

By the way , i have something to say about this movie and the previous movies which also from Joshua And and Shawn Lee , all by Jack Neo ! 
This two handsome main character ... ♥ 
I meant this two series which were produced years ago ... They have grown up ! 
Gonna share some of the photos ... :) 
HaHaHa :D They became more handsome now :) 

The point is the movie ' WE NOT NAUGHTY ' is actually quite same with the ' I'M NOT STUPID TOO ' which is the both main character having problem and get into some gang and get cheated and someone try their best to help them out and at last they became good again ... This is how the story goes actually ... HaHaHa :D But this movie , there is more handsome and funny so is good to watch lar actually so :) RECOMMENDED


Having 'cancer' today ... 
So goodnight everyone ♥ 
Other recommended movie : 
Love Story - The Vow 
Dance Movie - Street Dance 

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