Sunday, May 6, 2012

06052012 ... ♥ Festival City / Movie

Howdy ... ♥ 
A Ha ... I'm here to update even though i said i will have my exam tomorrow ( Tuesday ) ! I just can't help as i have photos ... :) 

I actually been sitting in the Starbucks the whole day and suffering ass pain and it went flatter and bigger ... I think >.< ! I managed to finish a book for my syllabus ... WooHoo :O In less than 7 hours but still left a few pages as i'm too lazy to go through >.< 

En route as i'm studying , my eldest sis decided to call me up and join me and my another sis for dinner and we have 'healthy' food for dinner ... :D ' Healthy ' means vegetarian's foods :) And after that , i came up with idea not to go home so early as it is just 8 o'clock >.< ! So we decided to check ... up ! 

Check Festival City up ... And this is my very first time step into  this building >.< ! Overall , the decoration and everything is good ... Not bad ! 

Celebrate your birthday with them ... :) That is my sis :) She just dismiss from work and i kinda coaxed eldest sis to go for movie :D 

MBO ... Did anyone heard about it ?' Try to guess what it is about ... 
 It is a cinema >.< ! Which located in the Festival City ... 



Ta Da ... :) MBO Cinema ... The decoration is not bad and one important information for who concerned ! The popcorn and drinks ... 
Is too small man ... I actually order the large one but it turned out to be this small and even the drink ... WTF >.< * ignore my fats please ... I'm trying so hard to forget about foods :( *  

Jason Statham ... ♥ HANDSOME when he is fighting :) 
We watched this and i have to said THUMBS UPS ... :) The thing is you have to be 18 or above to watch this >.< ! So pity who is not 18 or above :DDD I'm 19 years old :) #kidding =.=

Trailer ...
Spiderman ... :O Only will be out on July ... :( I watched the trailer ! It is so amazing ... :) Can't wait >.< ! SO handsome ! Look at his eyes ! * fang dian * 

Sorry for the bad quality of photos as i don't have a good camera ... Who wanna offer me sponsorship ?' >.< 
Other than this ... 
Good luck and all the best to all of the students who will or having exams :) 

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