Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mum's Day ... ♥ / 13 May

Howdy ...
Yesterday was mother's day ... Because i blog this at 1 am something so that mean is 14 May already :D 
Usually for any big day ... The whole family will have dinner together but mummy was busy about something like charity thingy so we postponed our mother day's dinner to next Sunday ... I hope no one will lost memories for the dinner :D  So this post is going to be all about my mom ... Might including the bad thing you did to me , mom ... >.< ! WaHaHaHa

This is the only one pic of my mom which i managed to dig out from my device as i lost my iPhone before ... F ! I thought i took a lots of her pic but turned out nothing =.= ! But that doesn't mean i hate or don't love my mom ... I just don't expressed my love by photoshooting her :D  I LOVE MY MOM SO MUCHIE ... ♥ EVen though she always say i'm fat like hell and ask me to do some exercise and diet as well >.< ! I talked to my mom as much as possible even though something what she trying to tell me bored me off ... :DD  * btw ... Not trying to promote Shimino but Shimino is my favorite food :) *

Actually me and my mom went through a really rough row that we didn't talk for 1 year or more maybe ... That time , we are transparent for each other ... There is a lot of reason lar ! Some due to my rebellions , I really a bad girl that time maybe movie influenced me >.< Some is because she didn't keep her words , she didn't do what she promised ! I fxxking hate people didn't keep her/his words ... I will make you disappear in my world by ignoring you in the entire life ... * Chuck Bass's smile * Eventually my mom broke the silence between us ...  Of course she has to do that , she is the mom ... :DDD #kidding Btw , Thanks mom for that ! 

By the way ... nowadays mom still haven't learn how to keep her words and she broke her words twice or more maybe ! I'm really really pissed off by her but after i saw her cooks :DD All gone ! Yea lur ... I also have no idea how on earth i still talk to her :D #kidding 

Btw ... Mom why don't you pass me your ' skinny genes ' ?' >.<But i think my mom passed me the ' beauty's genes ' WaHaHaHaHa :D My mum actually so pretty and fit , i think if she managed to go for some mummy's modelling competition , she will get the 1st ! No kidding , pretty #serious ! And she always show off like how the hawker ' flirting ' with her :D But always complain about the wrinkles =.= Wrinkles defined who you are and what you are mom ... ♥  A Ha ... How about i go for plastic surgery course and make you the most flawless face in the world ?' HaHa :D

I actually wanna buy mom some birthday present but ... I think this is a perfect present for her right even though i know she won't read this :D

Mom ... 
Fighting ... :) Aloha wau ia 'oe * Hawaii's version of i love you * 
Btw , try to keep your words ... >.<

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Nava Krishnan said...

Mothers are worth everything to be made happy and awesome post you have done.