Sunday, May 13, 2012

My 13th May 2012 ... ♥ / Snowflake

Howdy ... ♥ 
Another update ... :) 
Mummy was busy on Mother's Day so me and sis wanted to go out so badly to avoid being oxidized and she wanted to shop for shoes for friend's wedding dinner some more ... So we went :) 
My outfit of the day ... :) 

I bet everyone knows what this ' beeping ufo ' stand for right ?'
For SnowFlake ... 
This is the first time i eat here ... Not because of i'm out of date it is because the pics for their dishes didn't attracted me ... Suck >.< And today i realized they served ' Ai Yu Bing ' so i went there ... 

Chak Chak ... :) 
It is good and cost RM 5.50 ... 

See the drink which is same named ' Ai Yu Bing ' but it served in cup ... Cost the same price RM 5.50 ! Compare with Chatime or other brands , i think the rpice is moderate right ?' No expensive right ?' The point is in the same table we order the same thing and it cost the same price BUT mine taste good and the drink taste BAD even bitter ... =.= This made me sis pek chik * no idea which version but something like kantonese * ... HaHa :DDD 

The only thing that worth to mention is this ... And one more thing , if you get attracted to the price which shown on the advertisement board ... Check carefully whether there is a FROM or not :DDDD 

My whole body is aching ... I wore flats from comfy crocs to our shopping but still  ... =.= Especially my thigh , walk too much ... I think ! Because we search for foods and my sis is a indecisive person who have to go round and round to think before buy something =.= ! No offense yea , sis :)

All the best for who still having exams ...

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