Monday, June 11, 2012

11062012 ... ♥ / Diet & Video

Howdy ... :)
How you guys doing today ?'
I got two days off from my tiring part time job ...
Fuck ! I applied it for one months for god's sake =.=
What can i do ?' Tahan saja lur >.<

I have been watching JennaMarble's video and i am so inspiring to make some video like that ...
Of course i can't be good or active as nigahiga or popular like her - JennaMarble or the excellent part in acting but i just wanna try it out ... So , will be doing it soon :) As i have a lots of topic ! It all inspired me by some bitches in my daily life ... :)

Okay ... Back to point for the video !
 This is the newest one ...
This is the cup that i used for my mummy's soup ... And it actually one and a half >.< 
Okay ... I think this is it ! 
Feel free to comment ... 
I'm dog-tired now that i can't think of anything ... 
Sorry  ... Off to bed now !

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