Tuesday, June 12, 2012

12062012 ... ♥

Howdy ... :)
Will do a quick post here ...

What i ate today is :
This is all from mummy ... And as you see i'm a vegetarian :) 
It is all so healthy and tasty for me and the rice is not plain one is kinda some healthy rice but not sure how to call them and i hope i can have it everyday ... of course not the same dishes ! >.< But for other , i think you will be disgusted :D I don't care :P 
 This is the potato buns i mentioned in the video ... Only 2 ! Another 2 are on my mummy ! I swear i didn't lie on this :) 
This is the cake i ate ... Two of them :) It is quite tasty ! 

This is all i have for my meal today ... And of course there is Nestle Milk powder but i didn't take a picture on that because everyone knows what is that :P 

So this is it and i need to hit the bed by now >.< 
Good night :) 

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