Wednesday, June 13, 2012

13062012 ... ♥ / Samsung Galaxy SIII or Note ?'

Howdy guys ... :)
I have been workout for like 4 hours ... So satisfying !
But for sure i didn't spent every second intensely lar ... If not , i will be dead :D

Make this blog before the video ...
And i'm having my last paper for my AS Final Examination today ....
Feel so relieved now ... :)
I have part time job on so i can't go party like others ... >.<
But i wanna spend my part time job's salary for a new phone ...
A smart and touch screen phone as my blackberry is with keypad and it's app store suck like hell =.=
Considered have no app store at all ...
So i was thinking about Samsung with DiGi contract ... :)
You know why i choose DiGi even though i know their line and reception is suck compare with MAxis , maybe ... ?'
Look at this ... (below)
It is a bad quality picture but you can get it from DiGi website ... :) 
I bet Telco C represent Celcom and Telco M represent Maxis :D 
But for the DiGi column is not the whole truth because i did signed a 24-months contract for iPhone plan which stated i have to pay 63 per month but my bill turned out to be always almost to 100 ringgit =.= But i did add the BlackBerry service on it so it will cost me more for this service because the plan i signed is not for BlackBerry and you know BlackBerry kinda specific :D
But the whole point is it cost you less compare with Maxis and Celcom ... 
I'm not so sure about Celcom but for Maxis ... They charge everything and the first month after signed the iPhone contract with Maxis (is my friend , not me) It cost 300 ringgit and more for the first month bill ... WTF >.< But mine only cost like 100 ringgit if i didn't mistaken :P 
And there will be no extra charges even though you exceed your surfing GB but they will reduce the speed for sure as there is no free lunch in the world :D 

Samsung Galaxy S III ... 
This is in my consideration's list ... Even though i don't like the shape ! >.< 
Another is ... 
Samsung Galaxy Note ... 
I love the size of screen so freaking much as i like BIG thing ... 
(No sexual meaning)
 iPhone 4S is not in because i used iPhone 4 before so it is kinda the same thing so what's the point of getting the same one ?' 
But i do like the operation system IOS ... It is awesome ! 

The point is ... 
Which one should i get ?' Which one is better ?' Even though big possibilities is on Galaxy S III >.< 
Which one do you prefer ?' 

Okay ... This is all and see yea ... :) 
Good night ! 
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