Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Diet ... ♥ / Thinspo & Diet Pills

Howdy , guys ... :)
How is your holidays ?' Cool ?'
I have been working actually ... As a sales girl ?' Hmm ... Don't know the exact word but i think promoter do represent enough ... :) IT IS TIRING man ... Hmm ... Maybe it is torturing >.< As a promoter , no chair or sitting is allowed ... WTF >.< ! Who set this freaking rule ?' So i have to stand for almost 10 hours per day >.<

By the way ...
What i wanted to post today and right now is about diet ... :) 
It is the word that buried in everyone mind including guys ... Maybe not much for guys ! But for girls , almost everyone ... >.< INCLUDING ME :*(

There is a tip and i hope it is helpful to you  guys ...
" If you wanna be thin then you have to exercise or workout ! " 
This is a wrong concept SOMEHOW ... Some people thought no matter how much i ate , in the end i exercise , i workout and i sweat so i will be thin ! This is SO WRONG ! Once , i heard this information from LONDON ( body slimming company ) TV show if i didn't mistaken ... The consultant told that if you have a lots of FATS in your body and you did heavy workout or exercise a lots , your fats in your body will become harden , not even become muscles and it is so freaking hard to lose it even if you starve yourself ... So do not exercise after you ate or even if you feel guilty for eating too much , do not exercise right away ... Wait for after 1 day or more ... 

Exercise is actually to increase metabolism which help you to lose weight ... The condition of it is do not eat before , during and after the workout ! 
Btw , you still need to watch your diet ! EAT LESS is the whole point of diet not exercising ... :) 

This is my dream body ... I wanna become like this ! You know why ?' So that i can wear everything on me and look sexy , hot and pretty ... >.< So i have decided to starve myself to get to this but i have a condition today ... A big problem to me ! My lips cracked like shit ! It is a big deal to me ... I hate when my lips chapped it is like i need plastic surgery right now and right away ... >.< 

Actually to get this kind of body , you don't have to starve yourself ... Examine the model in the picture , she actually have muscles ... She workout to be like this ! 

Actually ... 
Beside from sharing , i actually wanted to do some research about diet pills ... 
Can you guys share with me which one is good ?' Effective ?' And the side effect as well ?'So , all of us who is on diet can be less painful from restricting foods >.< ! I actually spent my break time from work to do some checking at the guardian and watson but get nothing ... Almost all the same except for the price =.=

Let's be a sexy beast not a fat beast :) 

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