Thursday, June 7, 2012

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I bet everyone know about MILO right ?' Drumstick ?' Maggi ?' I bet everyone do ! Then do you know about Nestle ?' Before this , i have no idea about Nestle but i do know about Milo , Drumstick , KitKat , Maggi and etc products which produced(kinda) by Nestle and i ate or been consumed almost every products from Nestle ... But honestly , of course not that everything i consumed in my life is from Nestle =.= It doesn't make any sense at all >.< !

Nestle is on 100 years ... WTF ! It is pretty impressed and amazed me about their 100 years and the product(S) they covered ... All of the products are almost everyone consumed ... They deserve a claps ! No , more than just a claps !Let's spot Nestle's logo now ... 
Let's us start from MILO ... A big Nestle's logo on it and i bet everyone know and drink milo and big possibilities is YOU DRINK MILO EVERYDAY ... :) It gives you the energy to start the day ... :) Except from this powder , MILO also does produced foods like ... 

Choco bar and choco cereal ... See , one of the product from Nestle is already branching itself and for sure we are the one who get advantage from it because it is FOOD ... :D

Beside from MILO , of course there is and there will be more ... :) 
Chak Chak ... Like KitKat ! KitKat is actually one of the best chocolate i had in my life as i am PICKY person even the rice , normal rice , plain rice i will comment about it to my mama ... :D I'm sorry , ma but i love you ... Always have and always do ( Gossip Girl's quote ) :D It satisfy your chocolate craving and crackers craving as well ... :D 

This is my favorite and i just found out it is also from Nestle ... WTF >.< How powerful Nestle is ?' Huh ?' It is super duper good man ! Me : Nestle , thumbS UPS ... :) 

One more ... My favorite ! I know this is milk powder we supposed to mix it with hot water and drink ... I acknowledged that since i was born >.< ! BUT I LOVE TO EAT IT ! I swear i didn't lied ! My mummy even complained that we will be poor or broke for just buying milk powder for me to eat :D It really taste GOOD man , try it ! WARNING : Do not eat too much because in the middle of your dream , your stomach will rumbling like hell not because you are hungry it is because you need to poo some more it is rice water :DDDD 

Bet everyone know about this ... Nestle Bliss ! It help you to increase your digestive system man ... For serious ! For someone who is in diet , Nestle yogurt FAT FREE is your best choice ... Some more in nowadays freaking hot weather , an icy food is NEEDED ! 

Drumstick ! From Nestle ... :) 

Last brand from Nestle is our famous MAGGI ... Maggi noodles ! Ketchup ! Maggi noodles is impressive enough right ?' Agree with me ?' It is from Nestle ! 

100 years ... People can't even pass 90 nowadays ! See ... Nestle is really GOOD ! 

By the way ... Just share with you guys some GREAT news ! 
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LAST ... 
COngratz to Nestle ...

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