Sunday, June 10, 2012

Updated ... ♥ / 10062012

Howdy ... :) 
I did blogged about diet and diet pill few days ago right ?' 
Now there is more updated and upcoming from YouTube which is from my -- FrankieUniRose's channel ... I will be updating it everyday to record it down how effective the ' pills ' i bought :)

So this is the Day 2 i have been on this drink ... TOTAL IMAGE FAST LOSS DRINK 
This is the one i bought ... 
And it taste not bad ... Like Vitagen =.= 

Okay ... 
As my previous post stated there is promotion from Hush Puppies right ?' 
And i said i spotted a nice bag right ?' 
And i got it with me now :D 
YES ... * peace * *finger crossed *
But i spotted something again >.< 
Wanna know what ?' 
YouTube ?' I said it in my video -- My Diet Plan Progression Day 2 ... :) 
 Okay now show you my unique bag ... :D 

And became a Hush Puppies member as well ... :) 
More discount ... YuuHoo :D

This is a short update ... 
Click on my YouTube channel to know more maybe :) 
Aww >.< Forgot to mention that Hush Puppies member only cost you 12 ringgit per year ... 
So cheap right ?' I know ! :D 

Okay ... One more thing !
I forgot to show on my video ... And i have no way to show so i am showing it here ! :)

Here is it ! The picture actually show it pink but they named it red ! And in real , it is red ! So red and so sharp that i attracted to it :D 

Chak Chak ... There is promotion for all the old school canvas shoes no matter mens or ladies :) 
Get it now ! The price is affordable for everyone ! I did checked canvas school from VANS but it cost like 200 something ! So get this is better :) 
I feel like i'm advertising for Hush Puppies ... >.< 
Can i get my wages for that ?' HaHa :D 

Okay ... 
Enjoy your schooling day , okay ?' :D

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