Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Workout ... ♥

Howdy ... :)
I'm having day off from work today so i surf the net as everybody did when nothing else to do but actually i will be having bio exam tomorrow ... And i should be studying now but i wanna share something at here - my bloggie first :)

As i said i'm on diet and of course i workout but maybe not that drastically one ! :)
What i did when i workout :
Taken from instagram ... 
But i didn't run for 10 mins ... Too lazy ! But after this THE 100 WORKOUT i did get my ass on the gym bicycle ... Something like this 
 For freaking two hours or more ... Because it didn't really make you sweat so you have to do more to actually burn some calories ! If you do have energy , i advice you to run for an hour maybe ... or more ... :) 

As one of the previous post ... 
I do mentioned that we all have the wrong concept for being slim ... 
HERE ... (Click to check it out)
This is the post i get from WeiBo and i realized how wrong is it ... 
Actually once ago , i do think that no matter how much i ate the point is i workout so i will be slim ! 
And i ate food like usual , which is shite loads amount and go for gym on the treadmill for an hour and some simple lifting and it turned out i didn't even lose 1 pound and my calf became so big due to running but i have to admit that my thigh look more thinner ... But i hate when my calf look big because it is not sexy at all ! >.< 

By the way ... 
Don't try to skip even one sentences from the picture above ! It really helped ! FREAKING READ IT !
Ask someone to translate for you or i will post a translation soon if someone needed ... Just let me know :) 

When surfing the WeiBo ... 
I found out a lots of workout that we can do to burn our calories and fats as well ... 
But do remember do not eat before you do this workout ... YOU WILL HARDEN YOUR BODY FATS ! 
I will translate this ... Don't worry :) 
The title actually means ... 
This exercise only need 20 mins and you will become slim even though you eat like PIG ... 
(Have no idea whether it is true or not but i'm not gonna try it and i don't think so)
1st : 
Get rids of your big tummy ... 
The way you do this exercise : 
Stand upright ... Rise your knee up , make it as high as possible til the belly button's level ... exchange your legs , left and right .. Make it 50 everyday and you will see the result in 7 days ... 
2nd :
Get rids of your tummy ... (in mandarin they use some fish to symbolize big tummy but no idea what fish is that so i can't translate it >.<)
The way you do this exercise : 
Sit on a chair ... Let your hands on the chair and lift your legs up (both) away from the ground ... Make sure your back is upright ... When you exhale , pull your legs to the body ... When you inhale , put your legs down ... (Hold your legs don't put on the ground for better result) Make it 50 times so that you can get rids of your tummy easily ... 
3rd :
Get rids of your butterflies on your arms : (saggy arms)
The way you do this exercise : 
Stand upright and make you feet open like your shoulder's width ... Hold dumbbells(or some bottle full with water) on your hands (both) ... Palms face your thigh and hold your upper arms tight to your body ... Rise your hand with dumbbell as high as shoulder's level ... Hold on for 5 secs and go back to the original position ! Make it 15 for one set and exchange your hands and overall make it 4 sets ! You can shape your arms by doing this frequently ... 
4th : 
Shape your lower body ... 
The way you do this exercise : 
Stand upright ... Both hands on the back of a chair ... Lift one of your leg backward and reach the max height and hold for 5 sec and slowly put down your leg and repeat it 30 times and exchange your leg ... This will get rids of your lower butt's fats ! (I'm not really understand the meaning of it but i try my best and i gave the overall and maybe you can try to do this with tiptoe ... and i believe this will give you a better result ... I'm trying it soon !)
5th : 
Shape your waist ... 
The way you do this exercise : 
Sorry ... I don't really understand this one ! My mandarin is poor ! I'm really sorry ! But it is with dumbbells and twist your waist maybe >.< 

This sets of exercise is for sexy legs ... 
1st : 
Lay down on your back and do bicycle ... >.< (This sentence doesn't make sense ... i know !)
Something like Bicycle Crunches maybe ... 
Make 30 for a set and make it 3 sets every night 
2nd : 
Kick you leg backward ... Not so fast or so slow ! Try your best to reach the max height and hold for 5 secs and back to the original position ! Make it 10 to 15 per day ! You will get a sexy butt :D 
3rd : 
Do squat and hold for 1 mins and make it 30 for every night ! 
4th : 
As picture 
5th : 
As picture ... 
Make it 15 for each leg and hold for 10 secs for every times ! 

Show a picture to inspire you guys ... NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE ! 
Start you mission impossible right now ! 

This is the sets of exercise for guys ... And it is taken from Instagram ! 
After looking at this picture , you must think this is so easy right ?' HaHa :D 
Try it out and we will see ! Or maybe it is just me >.< I can't even do planks for 2nd times :( Imma so failed ! 

This is the sets of exercise to shape up your legs ... 
The way you do this exercise : 
I bet you will know by looking at the picture ! :)

Same here ... Looking at the picture and just follow ! 

Try this out ... :D 
So intense ! Imma going to try this out and i think i will manage to do 3 of them out of 10 :D 

This is so amazing ... :) 
I hope one day mine will be on internet ... Maybe everywhere :D 

YOLO ... 
So get a sexy ass ... :) 

This is another picture i got from WeiBo but is actually quite same with others but maybe the third one is different ...

Miranda Kerr ... 
 Look at the sexy leg ... F ! 
Sexy lady ... 
You decide which one is better ... :) 
As i said , i have been working at FOS for a while and i learned not to judge obese people ... HaHa :D 
But i still will judge those didn't even try to be healthy ... And still eat like a shite ! Fuck off you !
Lastly ... I wanna say that this movie -- 200 pounds beauty (if i didn't mistaken) is really inspiring even though she get help from liposuction and plastic surgery ...  
This video is showing some drastic workout ... Imma trying it out later :)

Okay now i have to get my ass off computer and turn my iPad on :D 
No lar ... I have to get my ass on bio for tomorrow exam ! 
So you decide what to do and eat after this :)

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