Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Adaptation ... ❤

How good is your adaptability ?' Mine is weak ! So weak ! And it scare me everytime !  
( Ignore my rolled up sleeves )
As we go primary school from kindergarten ... We cry in the very first day when our mum or dad let go of our hand and say " Son/Daughter , go ! Go in to the hell ! " HaHa :D #BadJokes Is actually class ! Most of you did , i bet ! But i didn't ... I didn't cry and i'm actually staring at who is crying but actually hoping i can cry so that my mum and dad will be outside the classroom and say HI everytime i turn my head toward the direction ... I didn't cry mean "you are not scare of the stranger environment lar !" For the mood on kindergarten and primary school , i'm not so sure ! Because i was too young to actually remember the actual feeling ... Starting from secondary school ... 

My parents went with me for the orientation day and they were outside the classroom's door ... Pretty amazing right ?' But inside the classroom , I know no one ! As more and more people came in the classroom , i'm wishing silently that they will be someone i know to be my classmate so that i don't have to make new friend - ' awkward friend ' ...  At last , there is someone i know from primary school ... Luckily ! 

For every single year , if you are unlucky , you actually got to change your class ... And i pretty much stick with G/L class ... Every first day of the single year , i actually kinda freak out ! Before going to school will SMS to who i know and make sure that whether someone i knew in the same class with me ! And actually pretty much i got someone i know in the classroom ... But the thing really freak you out is ... As you gown up , you wanna pretend you are calm and cool so stop SMS and went to the school calmly first day and not knowing where is your friends hanging around ! Walking the whole campus and pretending like "oh ~ I'm going to meet my friend !" 

Having someone you knew help you to adapt with the new environment better but after secondary school and i went into the college ... On the orientation day , i was wearing a POLO t-shirt and a short jeans ! So casual that made me frozen ! And i'm pretty sure that i will have no one that i knew in my class or even in this batch ! I sit there silently and nightmare came ... One of the consultant ask us to pair up and play a game ! WTF ... >.< We sat 5 in a row and i'm the extra one ! Lucky , there is student ambassador to helped me pairing up with stranger ... >.< ! I'm actually excited about the new environment as maybe i will meet my Mr. Right there ... But it is so scary to face the awkward situation alone without papa and mama out side the door ... They actually drop me off and went to work ... :( #SadCase 

And i gone through all the alone's event like going to the class ... Sitting there and listen to our mentor making introduction ... And the worst part ... Ice-breaking session ! It is awkward til shit ! Actually i suggest that ice-breaking session can be done after the day of orientation as we have to get to know our classmate first before everyone in the course ! =.=

And for some personal reason ... 
I and my mum have decided to have me transfer to TAR Pre-U which is near my area ... For god sake reason , there isn't much differ in the fees so ... i actually kinda scare for facing the stranger as i get along with my recent classmate pretty well but not so well ... :D As I'm not a social type ! But like usual , will excited about the new environment and new faces maybe ... >.< As i know , pretty much everyone from my secondary school is having college or Uni there ... =.= Maybe just a gathering ! 

I will be there only half a year ... So i think i can face it and finish my course and boom ... Into UNI ! 
I bet my classmate or somehow who is concerning will ask me why in person ... 
And my ans is because i love my family !(for u , it might ans nothing ... :D) So i've decided to transfer ... And i actually do all the research by myself and go to the office and ask for information by myself ... Imma #BigGirl now ... :) But of course daddy fetch me there ... =.=

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