Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Adidas Original Street Style Contest ... ❤

" Original always have style "
When i googled pictures for this post , i saw this quote ...
Everything connected with style ... Do you have your own street style ?' Then Adidas Original wants you ... :) #contest
Have your own adidas ?' Then put it on and snap a picture and upload it ! If don't ?'

 As in the picture ... Don't won adidas Originals ?' Try it on instead ! 
The participating Adidas Original's stores is listed ! 
Mid Valley 
There is a photo stage in the store for you to take the contest picture ... :) 
Something like this ... 
To be honest , this picture actually stolen from Ash-oh-tonic ...
Only one what ... Don't scold me ! >.< 
i think i will go for it ... I mean this contest ! 
But the point is ... " LIKES " contest always for the famous people ! There is no way that a ordinary people became famous because of take part in the famous contest even though they style or face prettier than the famous one ! So is like kinda no point as i'm not famous one ! Haizzz ... So , should i go for it ?' 
Just to show you guys the contest so you won't miss out ... :) 
If i do go for it , i will update it here and do vote for me , okay ?' :) 
And ... 
Hurry up ! This contest end at 25 July 2012 ! 

FaceBook : Adidas Original 

Just a simple post and there is a lot of post i need to complete ... 
Like ... 
For SAMSUNG WB150F ( my new camera )
A post about my dad as i did one for my mum 
( I know no one will be concerning about my dad but this is my blog so don't give yourself a mind-fucked ) Thanks & appreciate much ... :) 
The post for dad is harder than the review for camera ... :(

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