Sunday, July 1, 2012


Howdy guys ... :)
How is the quality of the photo above ?' Thumb up for it compare than before ?' EHeHeHe :D
Imma happy girl ...
I got this !
Samsung WB150F and a shade from Charles&Keith from KLCC ...
KLCC having a crazy sales ... When i've reached there , it is like poster and sticky everywhere that they having sales ! Like 30 % 50 % and more ... Hurry up lur ! Visit KLCC for a shopping before it is too late :) #greatnews
Why i got myself Samsung WB150F but not CANON IXUS 510 HS or 240 HS ?'
Hmm ... Guys ! Sorry for the wrong information before ! For both model from CANON IXUS is actually cost more than 1000 ringgit ! But not really much like 300 ringgit or less ... Okay lar ! Canon IXUS 240 HS cost RM 1099 , Canon IXUS 500 HS cost RM 1199 and Canon IXUS 510 HS cost RM 1299 ! I actually went around for a look on them but i can't found it even in KLCC ?' So i decided to get this ... :) It is so gorgeous ... ❤
Will make a post for the camera ... Stay tuned !
It is a colorful shop that attract my attention ... No ! Attract a lots of people attention especially Chocolate-lover !
Why so crowded at the entrance ?' Not inside ?' 
Because of this one ?' YES ... 
But is a bigger and moving one which dance with the music ... #cute

Concourse Level

Phone 03-2161 7633

AiYo ... So in love with the pictures came out from my new baby ... #SAMSUNG WB150F

 Chak Chak ...
i bet everyone know what is this , right ?'
BINGO ! Trutti Frutti ... :)
To be honest , this is my first time trying Trutti Frutti ... >.<
And i got the strawberry flavor one and it is DELICIOUS ... *thumb ups*
My first time trying this so i'm afraid it not my thing so i get the smallest cup one but it is still big actually ... =.=
But to be honest again ... Their didn't have much choices for toppings especially for fruits ... >.<
Desserts topping is fine as i usually don't add desserts topping even it is free ... :)
Discount ... WOW !
And clear image ... #WOW :D

Okay ... 
So hope you guys have a nice day ... :)

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