Monday, July 16, 2012

OutFit of the 17/07 ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Okay ... Someone commented in my Tar's post said that 
"You are such a retard !"
Ok ... Thanks and i will take that as a compliment ! :D
Ok lar ! I admit that when i wrote that post i was too mad to actually think about what i'm writing ... 
But basically the point of the Tar's post is actually address to the 2 rude officer ...
No more !

Ok ... Back to the real post !
Today supposed to be the first day that i need to be in class ...
But i woke up late and i've missed 2 classes !
The next class is on 2 pm ... #FML
HaHa :D 
So i'm here to update my blog before going to college :)
This is funny so i decided to post it ...
I actually wanna sneeze ... :D

Okay ... Go to college lar ... :) 
Actually what i wore yesterday was made me warm like hell when i'm walking in the college ...
So ...
I decided to go for short and a shirt ...
Hope i won't sweat like a pig today ... :(

Taken by iPad 
App : TimerCam
Pink Shirt : Mark & Spencer 
Jean Short : Mango 
HairBand : Hartamas Mall's temporary stall 

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