Thursday, July 19, 2012

OutFit of 19/07 - College ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
How is your day ?'
Finally ... The first day i finished every classes ... 
It is rare for me ... >.< 
HaHa :D 
You know ?' Classes are bored for me :)
And my classmates are nice to me ... 
Thanks for that ... :) 
But like usual 
There always be someone don't like you and some more 
talk about you so obvious that thought i'm blind or retard !
Seriously ?'
I don't collect real life's haters !
Thanks ...
I did something crazy yesterday ...
It is really crazy but ... 
I felt relieved after that ... 
Everyone should try that ... 
HaHa :D
Wanna know what is that ?'
I kinda told HIM i like him ... 
Can't imagine where does the courage came from ... :D
But ... 
No answer from him ... >.<
Do that when you're sick or drunk 
so that when you got rejected 
just tell them you are sick or drunk and be friend ... :D
*evil me*
Won't write much about that ... 
But actually that is a good story to share about ... :D
But i think ... 
I might be too over and he will be 'FAN' ... >.< 
Nvm ... ::( 

Taken by iPad 
App : TimerCam 
T-Shirt : F.O.S. 
Dress : *Forgot* >.<

Tattoo guy ... WoW
Handsome :D 

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