Friday, July 6, 2012

SAMSUNG WB150F ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Feel loved when i logged in and seeing my traffic of this blog actually increasing ... ❤
Thanks , guys ... LoVe ❤
Okay ... As i say i wanna do a review or a blogpost for my new baby - SAMSUNG WB150F ... So here i am ! :)
Hmm ... I actually did a video for it and trying to show you guys every single features in the camera and how the effect but i didn't have a professional video recorder so it can't show a clear picture from the camera's screen ... But i think i did a unboxing video , maybe ... *shrug* So , here is the video ! 

This is my first time and i'm not a professional one ... >.< I'm sorry if i'm blathering or what ... >.< 
I mean first time making an unboxing / reviewing video ... 
So hmm ... Next thing i will showing the picture i took from the camera which some effect mode ... :) 
Okay ... Have no idea where and which one to start so i've decided to start from TEXT ... Select SCN mode and TEXT mode ... Ans this is the result ... 
Chak Chak ... It is so so so freaking clear ! And even from the laptop one !
The text is clear but of course there is still the grids came from the laptop's screen lar ... *shrug*
Other than text ... Let see other effect ! Hmm ... Like Fish eye :) 
It is clear ... Even my iPad's fingerprints is captured ... >.< I don't clean it always or never :D 
Aww >.< My albums started to confused me ! Please forgive me that i didn't mention what effect is that ... >.< 
Okay ... This is all i can show as i didn't try everyone of that like landscape because i actually have no idea what landscape for ... Is that for land ?' >.< But i'm not really impressed with the Night mode because it is so hard to capture a nice pic and not blur pic ... I actually tried like 5 times to come across the picture above ... >.<
Overall , it is still a nice one and i'm loving it :) 
If you watch my video you will know about the best deal for this camera but i will still share it out here ... 
# For this camera , you can get yours at RM 699 at KLCC's Best Dinki , 3rd ! Otherwise , it cost RM 799 ! When i get to Best Dinki , white color version is out of stock so i have to pay more hundred ringgit and get it from other store ... >.<

Have a nice weekend ... ❤

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