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Allowing pupils to have cell phones or tablets to school ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) Time to blog ! I have been doing nothing since Friday except from busying download new games and busying explores games and been addicted to them ! =.= #WhatALife 

I wanna talk about one of the rules that the authorities from education department considering to approved it ! Which is allowing pupils to bring their cell phone to school ! What do you think ?' Actually they announced it quite a long time ago , what made me wanna write this post is ... No other topic to update ?' LOL NO ! Because when i was having my breakfast this morning in the living room and the TV showing a talk show that discuss about this topic and they have interviewed some parents and primary school children as well ! *This is the cutest part when they-primary school's children thought cell phone is for games and after having cell phone along , all of them don't have to have lectures and just keep playing games* 

My opinion on it ...
I think primary school and secondary school better don't have cell phone along when having school ... For primary school , they are too young to actually know how to take care of their cell phone and what they know about is GAMES ! This is so NOT GOOD for student's life ! But in the interview in the talk show , some primary school's children will actually thinking of they might somehow lost the phone ! Yea ... I was thinking that nowadays the public security is like seriously LOW like fuck ! How if someone target them or even rob primary school ?' Because there is still lots of rich parents that love their kids and buy them a maybe iPhone ?' It actually endanger their life ! NOt Good ! 
For secondary school , there is an immaturity in all of them including me when i was in secondary school lar ! All of us will start showing off and comparing which lead to pilferage ! Which is a BIG BIG BIG deal for a student to become a thief ! You know what ?' When i was in Form 1 , my phone got stolen but i have to admit that it is my stupidity which lead to it because we are afraid that when we pass by discipline teacher or prefect , they will ask for checking what is in our pocket and we don't want our phone get confiscated ! And it lost just after like 15 or 20 mins that we decided to take it back with us for god sake ! And in Form 5 , I lost an electrical dictionary which is quite costy man ! FUCK yea ! How on earth there is thief everywhere even in SCHOOL ! So i think inhibit students for bringing any valuable stuff is definitely fine in secondary school !
For emergency cases , i think every parents should have phone number of school so that they can make sure you are in the class and not kidnapped ! 
For college ... For sure we can bring our phone and that is mean that we don't have to hide from teachers which is a good thing and it reduces chances of losing ! And for some big campus , we actually need to inform each other where is the next classes venue or whether the classes is cancelled but for some crowded campus like my recent one , i don't feel safe at all ! Because it is huge , anything can happen without acknowledge of others ! But for my previous college , it is small , i feel safe because of the students ... HMM ... Maybe it is because Hartamas is a rich area that they can buy what they want , they don't have to steal ! But the security guard is like too perv :D 

Beside cell phone ... 
They actually discuss about should we have classes with tablets ?' 
Tablets is everywhere and from any brands and also from any prices so why not having a tablet to classes ?' In the talk show , there is one woman , she have kids and they-whole family don't use smartphones or tablets ! She even inhibit her husband to buy them one ! She convinced that after having tablet , kids won't study anymore ! 

My opinion on it ...
Primary school's children is too young for tablet's classes for god sake ?' For their healthy eyes ?'
Secondary school , pilferage !
And somehow they can't focus on study because of too much detraction ! Like new games or new apps !
For college ... 
In my previous college , my teacher actually ask us to bring tablets to the class and go online for the notes and also question papers ! Because we can save the papers ! GO GREEN :D I like how it work in my previous college , they uploaded every single notes or answer or question as well to the student portal so we just have to login and check online ! Everything is there ! So you won't afraid that you forget to bring your notes or papers ! But in my recent college , the notes and all the papers is the MOST MOST MOST difficult things to deal with ! I actually ask the class leader where can i get the notes and he said he will get them for me but ... HmmHmm ... *no news about it at all* And i ask classmates when you guys get the notes , she said at the beginning of the semester ! Seriously ?' How can i 'trace' them down ?' So i am so so so agree with having tablet's classes ! Other than tablet , actually laptop will do too ! 
Yea ... And one of the points which mentioned by the woman in the talk show said that if authorities have approved this rule then a lots of family will be burdened for buying tablets ! I think for this , maybe different school/college can have maybe different company to co-operate with like Apple , S^msumg , HTC or else depends on the price/brands to give students a best price ! 

Okay ... 
What is your opinion about it ?'
End here and have a nice SUNDAY ... ❤

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