Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An fun app for photo-editing from App Store ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
How was your weekend ?'
And how is your day ?'
I didn't go for classes today because i feel like skipping ... :D
Because i'm not feeling well !
Nose blocked ! Sore throat !
Btw ... 
I discovered an apps which is FREE and fun for photo-editing !
Chak Chak ... 
Photo Wonder !
I'm not sure whether i am out-to-dated because it've been a long time that i didn't been to App Store !
And yea ! 
It is my iPad background !
HaHa :D
Okay ... Let's get into the app !
This is the first try on Photo Wonder !
Everyone wanted a pair of LARGE eyes right ?'
So here we go ! 
#Instagram #PhotoWonder
This is one of the picture edited by Photo Wonder !
Enlarge eye + Skin + Speech Bubbles + Artistic *effects*
*Ignore my pyjamas thanks*
So what is the app featuring ?'
Which is a famous one , i bet !
Thinify ...
Which make your cheeks look less chubby !
It is quite cool but overdoing it will make your face become so SHORT !
Enlarge Eyes ...
Which give you the 'LadyGaga' eyes in BadRomance's MV !
*Not so sure about which MV*
Blemish Fix ...
As usual ! 
Skin ...
Which smooth your skin and make all the blemish disappear !
Skin Whiten ...
Tap on the certain part that you wish to be whiten ...
Like dark circle or armpits or somewhere else ! 
Red-eye Fix ...
There is spec ... 
Ribbon ...
Hat ...
Moustache ...
Speech Bubble !
Classic ... 
Scene ... 
Artsy ...
The picture inside is from Classic , Artistic !
From Classic , Autumm 
From Artsy , SCPurple !

Except from editing your photos ...
You can collage your photos !
This !
Different layouts and frame !
Different layouts and BackGround to choose !

Lastly ... 
This is a app bring more joy when you are on #Instagram or any photos sharing network !
Recommended ! 
And you guys can get it from App Store for free !
Have a nice day ... ❤

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