Friday, August 3, 2012

Astro On The Go with 50 iPad ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
What is iPad for you ?'
Games ?' Apps ?' 
Or as a device for movie ?'
For me ... 
Everything :D
Especially i love using my iPad for watching YouTube video 
or PPS
I don't really like watching YouTube or PPS with desktop !
You know why ?'
Because you have to have your butt on a chair 
the worst thing is 
You haven't finish what you wanted to watch 
but your butt HURT !
So iPad is the best for us !
As you can lie down or cuddle on the sofa with love one !
One question !
What would you do if you have 50 iPad ?'
Probably you will just show off or send them as a gift for your loves one , right ?'
But now ...
which brought to you by 
Featuring K-POP 
to your favorite drama 
and MORE 
Be alert that what Astro On The Go did with 50 iPad ...
They will have a mini flash mob that 
the public with their 50 iPad 
which will pop up any or everywhere 
in KL area !
Get ready to join them ?'
Click the link above !
And have a look for what they did !
 And recognize their some moves from them !

For more info :

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