Thursday, August 2, 2012

Camera vs iPad ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Is me again ... 
HaHa :D
Is there anyone else in this blog ?'
After posting the outfit post of the day ...
I have been thinking that if i'm keep using iPad ,
then what my camera for and why am i spend on it ?'
And i do realized that a good blog need a super CLEAR pictures ... >.<
So i started to practice how to take self-pictures with camera 
As the angle is very important 
It decided whether you look good or uglyy ...
So here is some 'good-angle' pictures ...
And it is all edit-free ...
Hope i won't regret/delete after i published this ... >.<
Let's check how powerful my camera is ... :D
A box of past year papers which tormented me a few day ago !
Favorite Body Lotion ... ❤
*Ignore my messy hair because too lazy to get my ass off the bed this morning*
Any salon wanna take my hair ?'
Thinking to get a trim !
Fringe ?'
Give some suggestion for my next hair color ?'
It is all edit-free !
I swear !
Actually there is a lots of flaws on my face so i don't actually have to swear to prove that it is edit-free !
Btw ...
It gave me feels like my pictures have been edited by the camera itself !
I swear i didn't edit !
Kay ?'
Btw ...
Is them clear enough ?'
How was it compare with those taken by iPad ?'
Using SMART mode on SAMSUNG WB150F !

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