Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Evil Friends ... ❤

(MY) Friends are EVIL ... 

Everyone has friends , the point is how close you guys are ! If you assume that everyone will have a so-called BEST FRIEND then you're wrong , so wrong ! Once , my high school best friend told me that any relationship , no matter friendship or lover are build on the 'using' purpose ! If it is not on this purpose , the relationship won't be long lasting ! Thinking about it and it is so TRUE ! I'm only going for friendship in this post ! As lover , the 'using' purpose is so obvious that it is SEX ! *But i'm not saying that every pair of love relationship is based on SEX , this just mentioned the minor part of the world or maybe half of the world *

I have a so-called best friend which i get to know at my previous college ... 
Below is some of our conversations !

*Above just part of it can remember everything*

This is the 'first' time she called and ask for a date ... Wanna know what is the end of this date ?' She ended up by saying she will pick me up at the college early in the morning ; I'm not a morning person and for usual if the date time is on morning , i usually straight away refused to attend ! But i said yes to her and actually thinking what time should i go to bed ! But after a while like maybe 5 minutes , i wanted to make sure something and i SMS and call but there is no answer and after a while from calling her , she send me a message and said it is cancelled ! COOL ... 

So for god's sake i slept until noon or evening and i checked my phone after woke up and see there is tons of missed calls from her ! *troll's face* And she actually calling to make the plan ON again ! Hello , xiao jie ... What am i for you ?' Your maid arr ?' Sorry i'm not and i'm fucking expensive ! :) You may be concerned that she might be having some issues or emergency to make her cancel the plans right ?' :D

*Conversations always start from my 'friend'*

This is one of the conversation that she said to me IN MY FACE ! Seriously ?' I said " OH ! " Why am i even bothered to make friend with her right ?'  For god's sake , she actually drive a Kelisa *i think so , don't bothered to know about what her car name* Definitely not a branded or luxury car , honey ! Don't know why she can be so xxx *no word to describe* I was thinking that even in my previous rich college , not everyone have license or a car and i even get answer like they hate driving and refused to drive ! So what is wrong if no car ?' Even though you have car , it is from your parents and i'm not impressed with it ! SORRY ! Btw , i'm really so proud of Chuckei that she have her own car on 19th ! 

Don't you think this conversation is so freaking FUNNY !

*Your best friend having other as her best friend and now you can die liao* For your information , all my reply to her conversations are non-sense ! You just don't know how to reply because she won't listen ! *Biggest problem* 

*This is the conversation when CIE result is out*

It is so obvious friend despise on me ... :( But never mind , it turned out my result is so much better than hers :) *popping champagne* Don't you think friend is a good device to motivate yourself to a better life/level ! Treat your friend GOOD arr ... :D 

Below is the conversation i had with other friend which i get to know from high school ... 
*I'm not complaining just let you guys see how 'funny' and evil a friend can be* 

*This is the incident that made me can't forget i have you as my 'friend'* 

This actually happened when i was in Form 3 *i guess* Me , her and her friend ( a guy ) went for a movie and on the way to the car park to get his car and she dare me to hold his arm and i did ... >.< O.M.G. ! Can't believe i did it ! I'm silly ! *punch myself* And of course the guy is shocked and for sure i let go and i realized she actually tittering behind us ! Dafuq ?' Ok ! It might be a game but ... 

When we about to reach his car , she told me to have the seat beside the driver in my ear and i went ... >.< O.M.G. ! When i just about to set my butt down , the guy actually refused to sit down and ask my friend to take the seat beside driver by giving all sorts of reasons ! =.= *I am like an ugly beast that will phagocyte him* And when we - me and my friend pass by each other and wanted to exchange seat , i saw her tittering again ! FUCK ! You know what this all meant ?' Freaking tell you that she just wanted to prove how pretty and famous and how boys love her so much ! Dafuq right ?' 

*After that incident i still keep in touch with her because i'm stupid and still not knowing that she actually using me until this few years*

This is the time when she ask me out for yam cha session and i went and i have no idea she get herself a job as a freaking match-maker ! Haiz ... She actually just using me as a girl to introduce to her new friends as the guys keep asking " Have girls introduce or not ? " 

No one willing to have skin problem and everyone wanted a baby skin okay ?' Friend try their best to praise themselves and exploit other's flaw ... =.= 

And i was wondering that do they really have to ' show off ' that they do have a boyfriend ?' If he is Bill Gates' son or maybe Micheal Jackson , then i think you have the obligation to tell us ! If not , shut the fuck up ! Seriously , having boyfriend and argue on FB and keep changing the relationship's status on FB is your hobby and i have no idea why and how a person can change boyfriend like getting new clothes :O Your vagina must be so xxx *ahem ahem* 
* Stop showing off that you have a boyfriend , I am not envy at all ! * 
For real , i swear or at least not the one who is with you ! *YakKI*
Being with someone you have no feeling on but money that means you are poor mentally and physically ! Poor you ... 

Okay ! Have to stop if not i will be keep attack my ' friend ' til the end of the world :D 
I'm actually not having contact with them recently so i am not mad while writing this blog post so everything i stated here is freaking TRUTH not exaggerating ! Everyone have this kind of friends beside you , the point is whether you decided to treat them nicely or treat them unfriendly ! 

Beside than this 2 friends , of course i do have some friends that treat me REAL ! *Guilty arouse* I wanna say sorry to one of my old best friend which we stop keep in touch because of my immaturity ! HINTS : money & contact lens 

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