Monday, August 13, 2012

Oppa Gangnam Style ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
How is your Monday ?'
Having Monday Blue ?'
I bet majority students from A-Levels have been stress out for the whole day 
Because the results will be out on the website 
But it need password to access which i have't get mine 
So my day didn't stress at all :D
But still stress because trial is just around the corner 
F #StudentLife
Okay ... Not talking about exam and all those stuff 
Talk about MUSIC
Gangnam Style - PSY 
I actually do realize there is a trend for Gangnam Style a few days ago ...
But i'm too lazy to check / Google about it 
But today just after i came back from college ...
My brother actually kinda 'force' me to check this MV out !
So i did and i in love with it :D
I love the dancing moves !
And after watching several version of the MV like on a concert , show or ceremony ,
I actually planning to make a vlog and make the dancing moves for my beginning of the vlog 
but FAILED !
HaHa :D 
It is easy to learn but hard to dance it well !
But i still made a vlog which i will upload it to my YouTube's channel 
but basically everything i said in the video is here 
so ... :)


Declaration :
Do not add me on FaceBook 
Because basically i didn't update my FaceBook 
and my wall is updated by Twitter or Instagram which i connected them 
But i do check my messages and notifications and friends request as well 
Just to get rids of the annoying picture on my screen :D
So you can still leave me messages if you insisted 
And do follow my Twitter if you want to talk to me or have a quick update from me rather than here :)
Instagram will do as well :)
And sorry for those who know me in real life and sent a friend request 
I will try to get to it :)

*Ending pose*

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