Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Reply ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
How was your day ?'
Okay ... 
I actually feeling so upset since i got a comment which said 
" Why do you speak english with indian slang ?' And i thought you bought a new camera ?'
Why do you keep using iPad ?' You should really improve your english speaking and writing , 
and of course , fashion sense ! " 
Such a long comment right ?'
And an irritating one right ?'
Is my English really that bad ?'
Even in writing ?'
I have to admit that i'm not fluent in speaking English ... >.<
I speak in Indian slang ?'
Oh yea ... 
I did it purposely !
But in real life when i'm speak in English , 
Somehow people will thought that i'm from Korean or 
a foreigner !
Don't care !
It is my style !
Yin Ge Po Le Geh ...
And thanks for reminded me that i myself did bought a camera ... 
Woo ... 
And about fashion sense ...
The posts before about outfit is actually all for college ...
What do you expect for college outfit ?'
Valentino maxi night gown ?'
And i didn't mention that this blog is from a FASHIONISTA ...
Okay ?'
For god sake !
Just sharing what i'm wearing 

Btw ... 
Thanks for your anonymous advice and i will surely improve 
and make you JAW DROP !
Have a nice days ... ❤

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