Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spice & Chill for dinner ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Me , chocolate milk and my mum went for dinner ...
We go for Spice & Chill 
Which i used to ate there almost everyday when i was in secondary school ...
I am so in love with the noodles there !
Especially Salad Ban Mee 
* I don't know the real name for it because i never bothered about knowing the real name 
straight away order after having menu because I'm a vegetarian *
And the shop been there - Genting Klang quite a long time , 
but today i went there so i decided to blog about it :)
* These are the pictures i googled from *
When we are there , 
the TV actually showing 天师钟馗 II 
which made us stay there like almost an hour 
so that we finished the drama :D
Waiting for food ...
When i was choosing photos , 
I realized mama and chocolate milk look good in this photo 
so i decided to post it here ... :)
#HandsomeBro & #BeautifulMum
Carrot juice ?'
Tomato juice + PLUM 
*thumb up*
Chocolate milk ordered chocolate :D
This is the Salad Ban Mee that i mentioned ... :)
3 of us having this !
And of course there are still other choice for who like Ban Mee but not Salad type !
Beside than noodles ,
they have snacks and varies of drinks !
Even my mum love it , 
you know mummy always hate unhealthy food and won't agree to go with us no matter how nagged we are 
for example like Pizza Hut >.<

Have a nice day ... ❤

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