Thursday, September 6, 2012

3D Sex And Zen/肉蒲团 ... ❤


Howdy guys ... :) 
Have you guys watched the famous porn ever which will be showing in the cinema ?' Named 3D Sex And Zen !!! I don't think Malaysia will be approved to show them in the cinema , you know Malaysia is a not-open-minded country so it is kinda impossible for showing it in the public or maybe they will censor everything and cut every 'main point' of the movie and just showing the faces ... *Pathetic* 

If you haven't watch or have no chances to watch them then here you go ... 

It is a FULL MOVIE from YouTube so i don't think i will be involved in any copyright's issue right ?' *Pray for me ?'*

To be honest , i watched it !!! 
There is a lots of sex scene with real boobies and nipples but not vagina(s) and dick(s) ... *shrug*
I will be so freaking envy about the guy in the movie if i'm a boy because he get to see a lots of naked women everyday of shooting and get to touch different size of boobs ... 
I was wondering whether they having sex for real or just acting ... You know , both are naked and crotches are attached to each other and having motion !!! 
For my opinion ...  
After all it is not a real porn ... You will be disappointed if you thought you are heading for a real porn but masturbation with boobies is okay , i think as boy can masturbate with anything ... *kidding but who knows*

Let's get into the actor and actress ... 

叶山豪 饰 未央生

蓝燕 饰 铁玉香

原纱央莉 饰 瑞珠

周防雪子 饰 冬梅

雷凯欣 饰 极乐老人

何华超 饰 宁王 

Here is they real interview on talkshow ...

My first question in mind for them ...
Q : Are they having a real fuck while shooting ?'
Ans : - 
*i googled it and get nothing so can't help*
Imaginary ans : No , of course no !!! We are actors we supposed to act you know !!!
I bet no because wages for a celeb to become a pornstar will be un-affordable , maybe but i think is ok to have a real fuck so they don't have to act the orgasm so hard ...

Q : Don't they feel embarrassed while the movie is published ?'
Ans : 雷凯欣 kinda felt touched after all the hard working , like everyone working hard for a baby !!!
*Answer from 国光帮帮忙*
Hosts didn't ask this but the ans above is something i think can be mention !!! 
Baby ?' Is boobies , okay !!! HaHa :D I don't think i dare to accept this kind of challenge even though the wages will be one million !!! 
Imaginary ans : Yea ... We are !!! So embarrassed that we don't look at each other's eyes !!!
*Perfunctory/too-official reply as always for celeb*

Q : Why 叶山豪 is selected for the main enjoyable role , why not 金城武 or maybe some other celeb ?'
Ans : 叶山豪 said no one dare to so he is the one who dare + now he is single !!!
*Answer from 国光帮帮忙*
I bet 金城武 or other celeb not dare to accept this kind of challenge you know as it will kinda spoiled the celeb's image , is like dirty pic being spread !!! 叶山豪 is a hero to all the man right ?' :D And while i google , i find out that 叶山豪 is in some big movie before with Jackie Chan but after this movie everyone definitely link 叶山豪 only with 3D Sex And Zen !!!

Q : Don't 叶山豪 will feel like having sex with them when seeing a lots of big boobies and naked women ?' 
Ans : -
Imaginary ans : No lar !!! We professional have to act pro and fully control ourselves including dick ... 
No answer for this but he did mention that he feel numb after the shooting because seeing a lots of naked women around !!! Hmm ... Weirdo ?' 

Q : Don't the women felt so rugi when they have to get 'molest' by other guy than her own bf ?'
Ans :-
Imaginary ans : Inevitable , it is a job !!!
Some might be enjoy because they are single or maybe some will compare the groping skill between the actor and her bf ... :D #kidding 

The end 
My talkshow failed as no one reply me question and no one talk ... :D
Just for fun :P
Have a nice day ... ❤

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