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Celebs vs fans/followers ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Do you know what the gesture in my photo meant ?' 
*I'm not 100% sure either but what i'm trying to do is middle finger but straight away pointing my blue rose middle finger is not so good for my blog's image so i decided to do this instead of blue rose*
Why would i wanted to show my 'blue rose' here ?'
When i was having my dinner , i go through entertainment part of today news and i saw news about 柯震东Kai which is a famous guy after You Are The Apple of My Eyes ... I personally love him so much as a idol/celeb ! So the news is about a post he posted from the WeiBo !
He is saying that have been a while that he didn't update his WeiBo and his follower is reducing ... 
And here is some comment ...
*These are not all of them who comment things like this , i just pick some as there is too much comment*
All of these comment saying that Kai keep losing fans/follower because of ELVA ... ?' DAFUQ ?'
I personally don't dislike or love ELVA but what the hell is wrong with being together with ELVA ?' ELVA is a lady and Kai is a man what ?' What's so wrong ?' Dudes ?' 
I was wondering why the hell those fans/followers from celebrity like to kinda 'restrict' his/her favorite idol/celeb's life ?' Like Kai , his fans/followers don't like him being with ELVA and started to 'boikot' him ! How childish you are ?' 
It is like on a street you saw a handsome with a not-so-matching girl are holding hand and 'pak tuo-ing' and you are thinking that " What a unmatch couple ?' " And what you can do ?' Go up to them and pull their hand off from each other ?' LOL ! I guarantee you , you will get hit by someone some day ! Who loves to being with who is none of anybody business , don't you get it ?' 
*I didn't censored their names and i don't think i have to and you guys can go WeiBo for them*

Okay ... 
Let's talk about the reaction fans/followers having when they find out their favorite celeb/idol having a relationship with someone ! 
*I'm taking celeb from HK or Taiwan as i don't really follow foreign celeb*
Like Andy Lau , my most favorite celeb that i wish i could have him ... LOL ! #kidding 
Andy Lau is married and have kids for a long time just that he didn't announced it to the public as he wanted to protected his family from public's stress ... *this is so sweet of him* *it is my own statement* 
Until the day when he and his wife emerged at the airport holding each other's hand and trying to push through the throng ! This is when the fans/followers having big reflection/reaction to this matter ! Some commit suicide and saying that she-one of the fans/follower out of infinity is his wife ! Seriously ?' I didn't think Andy Lau acknowledges that there is this psycho person exist in this world ! 
Once , i wondering why don't they just announce their marriage ?' 
I asked mummy as i think profession of a man in the public for his girl is quite important and romantic ! And through some drama i know that some celeb trying to hide the truth that they are married to rise their popularity as if you are a celeb and you are married , people will lost their imagination toward you , i meant like imaging to have them as your boyfriend or humping with them ! So i apply this theory on Andy Lau and you know what ?' Andy Lau is so much better off than just famous even through he is a player , i will think it is okay because he is Andy Lau , you know ! HaHa :D
So this is definitely not the reason he trying to hide the truth ! And my mum told me that he trying to protected his family as everyone knows celeb is rich so there might be some kidnapper trying to kidnap and get money ... And also stay away from gangster that take his family as a threat for some deal ! And without any hesitation , this is the only reason they hide the truth ! *my own way of analyse* No matter how tons of fans/followers you have , there will be someone that being blinded by money ! Fans/followes don't protected their family and this is why ! 
Some fans or magazine even dubbed him as a cheater ?' DAFUQ ?'
Cheater ?' They said he cheat on his fans/followers ?' For those who agree that he is cheating , can i ask you something ?' How many years old is him ?' Fourty-something or maybe fifthy-something ! Do you expect that he - a man still single ?' Or do you expect that he will be single forever just because he is a celeb ?' LOL YOU ARE FUNNY ! 
Same with Kai and ELVA ... 
Celebs need life too ... 

Of course , there is still a majority healthy-minded person like me ... :D
*There is 80-90% of those supporting comment out of 2000+* 

Have a nice day ... ❤

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